Dexter recap: LaGuerta’s a Bench

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July 7, 2013 by Susan Miller

Not pictured: Mysterious black lady cop who is mysteriously still on this show.  Why?!!?!?

Not pictured: Mysterious black lady cop who is mysteriously still on this show. Why?!!?!?

Susan: Now that the final season is underway, what are your initial thoughts?  Are you hooked?  Scared?  Excited?  Bewildered? Etc.?

Steven: I’m hooked!  Deb is plummeting toward new lows–“I am not lost. I know exactly where I am. I am in some s*@#$y f*&#ing hell which is exactly what I deserve. But you…you are lost!”–and Dexter has officially lost all semblance of control.  Also, I like that the focus of this season is going to be Dr. Evelyn Vogel, neuropscyhopath and apparent friend of Dexter’s dad–“You can’t kill me.  I don’t meet Harry’s code.”  It looks like Dexter’s about to get a mother-figure in the weirdest of ways.  Does that mean he’ll sleep with her?

This melon-baller does scare me a little, though.  I hope the new serial killer villain doesn’t distract too much from the central plot of Dexter’s final fate.  I want something logical and substantial and not last minute or out of left field.  I don’t want a repeat of Inspector Javert in Les Miserables.  (I had to turn to you, remember, and ask, “Now why did he kill himself, again?”  And I’ve read the book!)  I’ve been waiting 7 seasons, yo.  I want something heroic!  And tragic.  And worth telling our grandchildren about in fifty years!

Susan: Oh dear.  Surely we’ll have something better to tell our grandchildren about than Dexter, right?  I certainly hope so.  I mean, I know we’ll be weird, but I don’t think we have to be THAT weird.

I know that I said in our precap last week that I would be worried if they introduced a new big bad, but right now the melon-baller is the thing that intrigues me the most.  I thought it was interesting how the first victim was presented.  It’s almost exactly how the first ice-truck victim was presented way back in the pilot.  Our first shot of Deb this season is also reminiscent of the pilot.  Way back when, Deb was working in vice, and we first see her undercover as a hooker in a skeezy hotel.  This season we see her also “undercover” in a skeezy hotel now working as a bounty hunter. I get the feeling that we’ll be revisiting a lot of season 1 and not just because I read this interview last night.

As for Vogel, I’m not all that hooked yet.  I was hoping she’d be more like Lundy. Having a smart person in Miami Metro is an asset to the show, because it makes Dexter up his game.  Much like in The Shield, when Dutch and Claudette are working a case, you know that Vic will have to move faster and smarter.  Now that Deb has left Miami Metro and Captain Whats-His-Name is back in charge, there is a serious shortage of brain power in the department.

In the end, I think I’m rooting for tragedy.  Dexter has escaped without consequences for far too long.

Steven: Here’s a thought–since we haven’t seen Dexter kill yet this season, even though he’s been super-duper furious–what if Dexter IS the melon-baller?  What if the Dark Passenger is now Dexter when he blacks out?  I think that would finally necessitate Dexter to take action, because it would prove to him once and for all that he has absolutely no power over his situation.  Isn’t that what happens to alcoholics–they eventually start going into black outs?  I don’t know…just something I heard.

Vogel for me offers a lot of potential.  For the first time, we’re going to get a thorough, logical explanation for why Harry did what he did.  In the past we have received bits and pieces, but always from unreliable characters.  Lila understood Dexter, even wanting to join him.  Trinity seemed to be an evolution of Dexter, someone who had found a way out.  And then there’s Harry, who made him the way he is in order to secure justice.  However, all these characters failed in the end and showed their true nature, which was ugly and hateful.  Harry’s temper we’ve seen in several scenes… and it was his anger that led him to unleash Dexter on the world and, eventually, to his suicide.  I don’t think Vogel will make Dexter more careful.  If anything, she will make him take more liberties, feel less remorse over being himself and, hopefully, he will come to examine himself with a more strict logic.  I do hope that the final decision of his fate will be made by Dexter.  That has been my hope all along.  And I hope that it is the right decision.

Susan: A black out serial killer?  They do some pretty ridiculous stuff on this show, but I don’t think they can pull that off.  I think I’m worried about Vogel because she seems to have ulterior motives.  Remember how you said that she was a serial killer seconds after she was introduced on the show?  I worry that she’s the melon-baller and that we won’t get new information about Dexter from her because she’ll constantly be trying to cover her tracks and pin things on Dexter.  The last time a psychologist was featured on this show Deb got convinced that she was in incesty love with Dexter.  Suffice it to say, I’m leery of doctors on Dexter.

I am interested to learn about Vogel’s connection with Harry and their relationship.  Is she the doctor that Harry took Dexter to when he was a kid?  Harry trained him back then about what he was supposed to say to her.  Did she figure it out anyway?  Did they sleep together back then?  Will she help Deb too?  There are lots of interesting possibilities… I guess right now I’ll settle for cautious optimism.

It is strange though that Dexter didn’t kill anyone in this episode.  Maybe it’s because he got stuck with Harrison.  Are you excited that Harrison is talking now?  What are your hopes for Daddy Dexter?

Steven: Has someone been reading interviews?  I definitely don’t know what to make of Vogel, but I do know that I don’t trust her.  Just like all shrinks on all shows!  I think they’re too easy of a target–for the problems with coddling psychopaths and the impossibility to help those who refuse to help themselves (The Sopranos is a perfect example).

I’m still holding out for the black out killer, but I would settle for Vogel pinning her own murders on Dexter.

I am also mostly full of questions at this point, but I will say this: if they do patch things back up, I hope Dexter and Deb do not turn into Mr. and Mrs. Morgan…

Susan: … Til Death Do Us Part.  It would be kind of appropriate, if you think about it.

Next week!  We find out more about Vogel, Deb goes a little bit crazier, and Quinn will inexplicably still be alive.  Ooh, maybe mysterious black lady cop will turn out to be the melon-baller…

See you then.

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