Happy Endings: the best show you’re not watching

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April 2, 2013 by Susan Miller

Happy Endings is a delightfully absurd comedy in its third season on ABC.  It’s full of UCB alums who even put together a live version of Happy Endings every year, on the UCB stage.  It started as a midseason show and survived, mostly because ABC had the good sense to air it after Modern Family.  Since then, ABC has moved it all around the schedule, at different times of the year, and then this year, had the nerve to bump it in favor of the celebrity diving contest, Splash.  They’re now burning off two episodes a week on Friday nights.

Listen up, America: you need to watch this show.  Instead of spending a fortune at the movie theater and leaving disappointed, or spending a fortune at that hot new restaurant and leaving disappointed, or going on a date with that hot new lady/fella and leaving disappointed, stay home, watch Happy Endings and order in.  You’ll laugh, you’ll be in your sweat pants, you’ll end your day in a happy way.  And isn’t that what we really want out of our Friday night?  TGIF programming was successful for a reason, after all.

Best of season 3:

All Alex, all the time:

You’re welcome.

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