American Idol recap: Who Run the World? Girls (Girls)

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March 28, 2013 by Susan Miller

Going home in Lazaro’s place tonight is…


Oh Devin.  Poor, sweet, technically perfect Devin.  He’s this year’s version of the pretty girl curse.  Remember when Pia got sent home in season 10 and everyone said it was because she was too pretty and teenage girls wouldn’t speed text for a pretty girl?  With this season’s focus on the ladies, I feel like Devin took that spot this year.  He was technically perfect, but he was stuck in the ballad zone.  He was always good, but pretty boring.  The judges were never too hard on him, and he was always sandwiched somewhere in the middle of the show and everyone just forgot about him.  It also seemed like he came in with a pretty small fanbase and never expanded it, even though he improved each week.  After being in the bottom two for the third time this season, it made sense to me that the judges decided not to save him.  (Side rant: it really annoys me when the Idoldome goes nuts and starts chanting for the save.  If you really liked him that much, you should have VOTED FOR HIM.  He’s in that position because you DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIM.  Ugh.)

The girls made up the top 5, which left Burnell, Devin and Lazaro in the bottom 3.  Burnell was sent to safety first, so it looks like we are finally inching closer to the end of the Lazaro experiment.  He is so over it at this point, and I don’t blame him.  It must be infuriating to be stuck on this show because America feels sorry for you.  I am a little bit curious about seeing Lazaro next week, simply for the outfit.  Tonight he was wearing a crazy white shirt with feathered epaulets printed on the shoulders, white pants and white suspenders.  Somehow, Burnell’s outfit was even worse.  The girls didn’t do much better though.  Poor Angie was wearing cuffed jean shorts with ankle boots.  Again, I think I’m being aged out of this show.  Nothing makes sense anymore.

Colton Dixon returned to the Idol stage tonight with his new Christian rock single.  It sounded like all mainstream Christian rock sounds.  Seriously, do they all share that same backing track?  I’m sure he’s making a fortune.  He gave Angie a hug and she looked super smitten.  Remember when Paul McDonald met that girl from Twilight at the Twilight premiere and then they fell in love and got married?  That was so bizarre.  I hope the same thing happens with Colton and Angie.

Katharine McPhee also returned with One Republic and showed off her new abs.  Seriously, I don’t know if she sang at all, I was just mesmerized by her transformation.  First Jennifer Hudson, then Jordin Sparks and now Katharine McPhee.  Good job, ladies!  Oh, Keith Urban performed too, and I think he had some trouble hearing himself because it… wasn’t his best.  I think he could tell.  That’s got to be embarrassing to have a bad performance on the show where you judge other people’s performances.  Especially when it happens in front of your co-workers who are also in the music business.  Poor Keith.  I’ll buy a song of yours tonight if it will help.

Next week – 7 singers sing again!  Prediction: if Lazaro survives next week, the judges will use their save.  Except they’ll turn it into a veto and send Lazaro directly home, America be damned.  You heard it here first.

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