Revenge recap: Faux-bro or Frenemy?

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March 21, 2013 by Susan Miller

Is Eli good or evil?  Steven and I have different views, which probably means the writers haven't decided yet.

Is Eli good or evil? Steven and I have different views, which probably means the writers haven’t decided yet.

Susan: First things first – what did you think of Revenge this week?

Steven: I don’t know what to expect with this next episode, but I do like the idea of an evil Nolan.  Will the Falcon be essentially the same except that he works for the Graysons/Initiative?  Or will he be a bizzaro-Nolan who hates parties and took a vow of poverty and abstinence from all worldly pleasures?  What I do know is that I do like this faux-Brother any more than I liked faux-Manda when she first came on the scene.  Does that actually mean we’ll come to like him even more than faux-Manda?  If he really is here to find Emily and help her, I think he could become an interesting ally.

Susan: If you’re talking about Seinfeld, I will kill you. 🙂  Bizarro-Nolan would be really fun.  Regular Nolan was in fine fashion form at the Amanda Clarke foundation party.  I like to think that the actor who plays Nolan gets dressed by the stylist and then gets to add three things to his outfit to make it outlandish Nolan.  There’s no way someone with actual wardrobe training could do the things that he does.  I like the idea of the Graysons having a secret hacker on their payroll, because it makes them seem worthy of Emily’s revenge.  With Daniel in charge of the company, the Graysons have looked a little less smart and sneaky and a little more dumb and pretty.  I’d like them to give Emily a real challenge.

Do you think Eli wants to help Emily?  I think he’s more partial to the Graysons.  Does he know that the Graysons actually framed her father?  Or does he still believe young Emily’s thoughts and think that David Clarke is guilty?  He seems to be cozying up to the Graysons, and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Emily’s mission.  I think he’s just after their money, and sees Charlotte as the easiest way in.  I don’t like the idea of an Eli/Charlotte/Declan love triangle, but it will partially pull Declan and Charlotte into the same orbit, so there’s some small potential.  The bigger potential for me is the idea of Ashley and Emily teaming up again to take down Eli and/or Grayson manor.

Random complaint: weren’t Declan and Charlotte seniors in high school last season?  Will they just put on school uniforms in the second half of every season and disappear for awhile?  Seems simple enough.

Steven: Yay for Cougar Town references!  I’m also excited about the Graysons – especially Victoria – becoming a little more queen and a little less pawn.  Daniel is fine, but he really should’ve just been a poet.  No responsibilities, nobody caring whether he wrote a sonnet or a sestina.

I can’t believe you don’t trust Eli!  And with such a trustworthy name!  I think he’s buttering up the Graysons to insert himself into their world and do the most damage he possibly can.  Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but I really want to this to go back to being a one on one duel – Emily vs. the Graysons – and get away from this victimization by the mysterious Initiative business.

Susan: I can’t believe you trust him!  He’s such a slimy guy, and he makes his living conning rich, old people.  Anyone in the rare book industry is not to be trusted.  I get more of a Tyler vibe from him than a Fauxmanda one, and I think Emily’s smart to keep an eye on him.  It would be in Ashley’s best interest to cozy up to him to find out the full truth about Emily.  From what little we know about them, they would probably be a good match.  If Eli shares the truth about Emily with Ashley, that would create some epic drama.

Speaking of the Initiative, what are they up to now?  They have Carrion, right?  And Daniel got Aiden to make those transactions in Takeda’s name.  And now Aiden is the treasurer for Grayson Global.  Is Aiden going to be the fall guy for the next big scheme?  Does Takeda know about any of this?  Where the heck is Takeda anyway?  Isn’t he supposed to be pulling the strings behind all of this scheming against the Initiative nonsense?  Also, how on Earth does Aiden have some giant secret love nest in the Hamptons that no one knows about?  Did you notice that door?  It’s like a freaking castle vault.

Steven: Where IS Takeda?  He’s such an easy character to push into the background and then forget all about.  I was so excited about my theory that Ashley was going to turn out to be Takeda’s daughter – and then they never followed up!  It’s almost as if the writers aren’t reading and taking cues from our blog.  Could that even be possible?  I certainly hope not!

I also like Eli and Ashley, but I don’t think they’re going to hook up.  Something tells me they don’t play for the same team… maybe I AM channeling Tyler here, there just are so many similarities.  Wasn’t Tyler also not an alumnus/enrolled in fancy school? (f.y.i. that’s how I will henceforth refer to the Ivy League)  But I also feel like he will turn out to care for Emily.  Family, even faux-family, is hard to turn your back on.  Well, unless you’re a Grayson, that is.

Susan: Interesting.  I was so busy thinking of Eli as a problem that I never stopped to think about their family ties.  I’m also a little confused about their history.  Did she really set the fire that day the couple came back for a “second look”?  (So creepy!)  Or did Eli set the fire?  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of those bits and pieces.  Another thing I’m confused about?  Jack’s revenge plans.  Does he really think that Kenny is the one (that’s the undead Ryan brother, right?) who pulled him out of the water that night?  What about Declan’s throwaway line about telling Jack that Nolan told him that Jack and Amanda checked into their hotel?  Jack’s acting weird and sneaky and it’s hard to get a feel for what he knows/feels/wants/thinks.  I suppose that will become clear by the end of the season, or maybe even the last 5 minutes of the next episode that they keep hyping.  Your thoughts for the big reveal?

Steven: I think the final five minutes is going to be a Target spot.  (We haven’t made that joke for a few weeks, right?)  Now, I haven’t a clue, unless… no, I was planning on my mind to come up with something on the spot.  It didn’t.  I do not like Jack.  I do not like him in a bar.  I do not like him in a car. I do not like him acting so super-duper bizarre.  I feel about this shift in the same way that I felt when Robin Williams tried to get into drama.  Imitation of me ten years ago: “I really liked you, Robin Williams, because you made me laugh.  Now, you’re just creeping me out…”  Okay, so Jack never made me laugh, but right now he is definitely creeping me out.

Susan: I certainly hadn’t considered the fact that the actor who plays Jack might just be bad at acting.  That could be part of the confusion.  I still like Jack, because Aiden makes Emily cry and is wishy-washy, and has that weird accent, and the secret castle house with the snooty door.  Jack is Emily’s soulmate, and Jack of season 1 was definitely Emily soulmate material.  New Jack just needs a new dog.  I feel like that would solve 99% of his problems.

Next week on Revenge… something huge happens in the last 5 minutes.  I’m pretty sure that’s all we’ll talk about next week.  Will the Falcon be revealed?  Will someone else fall off a balcony?  Will Emily’s true identity be revealed?  Will it be disappointing?  Tune in next week to find out.

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