Justified recap: Drewbacca

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March 21, 2013 by Susan Miller

One of these people is not like the other, one of these people can't have a gun.

One of these people is not like the other, one of these people can’t have a gun.

You guys, Justified is just so much fun.  I don’t even really care what happens any more, as long as we get to keep watching these characters think and react and talk and circle the wagons and hide out in the principal’s office and make Molotov cocktails.  So much fun.  In honor of Boyd’s 40 words where 4 will do, I’ve inserted a few obsolete words from this article to help articulate my deep appreciation for the level of entertainment this show is giving us.  See if you can spot them all!  I’m sure they won’t stick out a bit.  Okay, here we go!

Susan: No one died this week.  Were you shocked?

Steven: I WAS shocked.  Especially since last week was such a curglaff!  What I love about Justified is that you can never guess what’s going to happen–not with any amount of accuracy–but it is always logical, believable, and the best option really.  The bookwrights aren’t trying to pull one over on us or keep us guessing, they’re just dealing with more complex situations and richer characters than we’re used to.  Since when did the bad guys openly distrust each other so much?  Even with The Wire, plot twists had a predictability to them–even if we didn’t like it.  (Let’s all take a moment to jirble out a 40 for Wallace.)  In the world of Justified, all we know is that Raylan will never give up and now we know that Constable Bob can take a whooping.

On an unrelated note, I don’t think I like Glee-kid’s dad any more.  I think the show will take care of him, though.  You can’t talk to wonder-wench Ava like that and expect to survive.  Look what happened to Bowman.  The bookwrights killed HIM off before he even got a line in.

Susan: I was also shocked, but very pleasantly so.  I’m glad that everyone survived by being smart.  Tim and Colt got to show off their army smarts and have that fantastic phone conversation.  Man, that phone call was legendary.  It’s really getting to the point where Colt is an integral part of this show.  Can he please just take Johnny’s place?  I don’t know if I can stand to lose him.  I love that Boyd kept predicting Raylan’s next move because they dug coal together.  It brings the show back to the pilot and these characters back to their roots.  They know each other because they’re from Harlan and they dug coal together, and so regardless of what they do and who they are, they will always be connected.  There’s such a deep sense of history and community between the characters on this show that is unique and surprising and always, always interesting.

I was actually very impressed with Glee-kid’s Dad (Mike O’Malley) this week.  He was completely believable and terrifying and unwavering and in control.  Remember when he was the host of GUTS on Nickelodeon?  He’s come a long way.

Steven: I also like that other people–especially professional gangster guys like Glee-kid’s dad–play the doubting Thomas to Boyd’s insider knowledge, and then are immediately proven wrong.  I like when cocky people are proven wrong, which is always happening on this show.

Too, I think I’m coming on board with keeping Colt around. (Does that mean he’ll get killed next week?)  There’s something unpredictable and powerful about his character that makes for interesting situations.  Way more interesting than any of the whiny stuff Johnny ever gets himself mixed up with.  Did you like how Johnny professed his love for Ava last night by holding a gun on her and then not even shooting Glee-kid’s dad?

Susan: I thought it was weird that Johnny professed his love for her.  Is that like a brotherly love or a real love?  It’s bad enough that she moved from Bowman to Boyd (though who could resist a snoutfair like Boyd).  But to have Johnny pining for her too?  That’s kind of creepy.  It was, however, the perfect thing for beef-witted Johnny to do.  Save Nicky, who just outed him to Ava, while declaring his love for Ava.  Sheesh.  Johnny is far too dumb to live through this season.

How about three cheers for Constable Bob?  We all thought Bob was a zafty spermologer, excited by town gossip but unable to do anything about it.  Instead, he stood up to the great and powerful Yolo, even during Yolo’s best Tarantino hitman performance.  I was fairly impressed with Yolo, but thought the violence in that scene went on far too long.  Watching Bob get knocked around gave me Gael Boetticher/Breaking Bad flashbacks.  Gael was definitely zafty!  Some characters are just too innocent to be messed with (RIP, Wallace).  I also loved that Raylan kept calling Yolo Yoo-Hoo and Yoda, much to Picker’s chagrin.  Those Detroit boys don’t care much for humor, do they?

Steven: Oh, Yoo-Hoo.  No RIP for you.

Susan: So… predictions for next week?  Who dies?  Who lives?  Who do we love?

Steven: Can I guess that Winona dies?  Remember when the bad guys would take Raylan’s girl–who varied from episode to episode–hostage and force him into a tete-a-tete gun fight?  Those were nail biters!  Plus, it would be extra suspenseful since she is “with squirrel” and all.

Now, I think the promise of a dead Drew Thompson is still hanging in the air.  (Sorry to his California widow, Eve.) The writers will give it to us, but it certainly won’t happen in the way we expect.  Johnny has also got to go, as you’ve pointed out.  He’s played his last card, which is that he’s in love with Ava, and now it’s time for him to limp off screen.  Colt lives.  Nicky Augustine dies at the hands of Theo. (Did you realize his last name was Augustine?  Adds some gravity to that Abraham story he told, huh?  If the bookwrights were unimaginative they’d have Nicky swear off a life of crime and become a preacher.)  Yolo comes back from the dead, changes his name to Yolt and then is accidentally killed by Constable Bob again because, let’s face it, there had to be some chance in that gun-wrestling scene.

Whom do I love?  Boyd-Raylan and Colt-Tim.  More, more!

Susan: Nicky could become a preacher.  We’ve still got Cassie roaming around from that weird church plot that started the season.  Different characters keep confronting Boyd about his faith this season.  Are they setting up a revival of religious Boyd?  Seems unlikely for this season, but I can’t figure out why it keeps coming back around.  From the previews for next week, it looks like Ellen May and Limehouse are back in the mix.  If we’re predicting death for Johnny based on his smarts, then Ellen May should also be banished from the living.  I didn’t love how Limehouse was brought back in the last episode, so if Boyd could take him out too, it seems like the tidiest solution.  Just keep Boyd, Raylan, Colt, Tim, and Art.  And I guess Nicky.  I like him.  Drew/Shelby has essentially turned into an Arlo surrogate for Raylan’s grief, so I’m kind of over his mortality at this point.  More, more!

Next week–we check in on all the plots and all the conflicts and all the characters to prepare for the season finale.  Only two episodes left this season and still no word about a renewal.  Could they all die?  Say it ain’t so.

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