American Idol recap: Nice Guys Finish Ninth

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March 21, 2013 by Susan Miller


Turns out America wasn’t too thrilled with Paul Jolley ruining my favorite Beatles song either.  As most predicted, he received the fewest number of votes this week and had to sing for his life, one final time.  He sang “Alone” again and the judges quickly decided not to save him.  Randy said it wasn’t unanimous, but I really don’t think any of the judges would petition to save him.  But hey, at least there’s an official Paul Jolley day in his hometown now.  Nobody leaves this show empty handed.

They did not reveal the rest of the rankings this week or even a top three.  I’m a little suspicious of that.  I think it’s either because it’s the same top three as last week or somehow Lazaro snuck into the top three or maybe it’s because Angie fell out of the top three.  Whatever happened, we’ll never know, but we do know that Amber and Devin were also in the bottom three this week.  Amber suffered from singing a song that no one knew, and Devin suffered from his complete and total lack of personality.  Devin and Burnell are really the only guys with any talent, but Lazaro is doomed to stay on the show longer than Devin, Amber and probably Janelle, god help us.  The sympathy vote is a powerful force in the Idol universe.

Jimmy Iovine gave his weekly rundown of the performances and was especially hard on Lazaro.  I don’t know why Jimmy does this after all the votes are cast.  Are people really going to remember it next week?  Is he going to be hard on Lazaro in his prep session?  Will they air it?  He was also hard on Angie, saying that there is something wrong with her that desperately needs to be fixed.  Um, what?  I keep reading this about her and I really don’t see it.  Is it because there’s no part of her that’s an underdog?  Is she too technically perfect?  Does she need to have a bad performance?  I think it would be interesting to see her take a song and put her own Angie spin on it, ala Kris Allen or David Cook.  She could also probably benefit from an uptempo song that was a little more current to shake her out of the theatrical/pageant vibe everyone keeps insisting she has.  What am I missing, guys?

The results were an extra small portion of the show tonight as we were treated to a group performance, an all-girls performance and the triumphant returns of Jessica Sanchez and Casey Abrams.  Jessica Sanchez has apparently been busy modeling, and performing sold-out shows in Manila, and appearing on Glee and putting together an album.  She performed with Ne-yo and it was very weird because she’s still 17 and Ne-yo isn’t and it seems too soon to see her dancing like Beyonce and stomping all over the stage like that.  I’m sure she’ll be a middling top 40 hit.

Casey came back to perform the Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There” and rocked it out with the upright bass.  It was cool and skatty and fun and he had a full beard with a chunk cut out of the bottom and his hair up in a ballerina bun.  He was also wearing some sort of ratty cardigan over a weird t-shirt.  I couldn’t see his feet, but I’m 120% sure he was wearing socks with sandals.  Every time I see him now, he’s dressed like that, and I always think about how uncomfortable he must have been when he was on the show.  His album is actually really fun, but they didn’t even let him mention it in his post-performance interview with Ryan.  Oh Idol.  Why let Jessica have a 3 minute video package on all her adventures and not even let Casey mention the name of his album?  Or perform a song from his album?  Sometimes I really don’t get you.

Next week: 8 people sing songs in some sort of theme.  It’ll happen and I’ll write about it.  Don’t worry, we’re in this together.

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