Revenge recap: No More Distractions


March 14, 2013 by Susan Miller

You had a lovely funeral, Fauxmanda.  Thanks for not inviting your crazy fake Mom and for introducing us to Eli.  You were the best.

You had a lovely funeral, Fauxmanda. Thanks for not inviting your crazy fake Mom and for introducing us to Eli. You were the best.

Susan: How excited are you about the arrival of Eli (Emily’s old foster bro)?  I’m so excited.  It feels like vintage Revenge.  Also, did we know that she burned down her foster family’s house?  What happened there?  Eek!

Steven: I am also pretty excited for some Season 1 style revengery!  I vaguely remember the house burning.  I definitely remember her killing that group home guy, and then her dad finding out through Faux-manda and using the information to blackmail her and Dexter.  And that’s when Dexter had to come out of killing again… oh no, where did I go wrong back there?  We definitely like a certain type of heroine, don’t we?

Susan: Did you know that Dexter is coming back in June instead of September this year? (!!!)  Anyway…

Maybe Revenge will give us one of those awesome flashbacks to the house burning to help us remember.  I’m excited for the new challenge for Emily,  but I hope she doesn’t get rid of him too quickly.  He should be a constant problem for the rest of the season like Tyler or Fauxmanda.  I’m also really enjoying the new brooding Jack.  It’s nice that they’re letting him be a man again.  I found it super funny/sad that they mentioned the death of the Ryan brother briefly and then it never, ever came up again.  The other brother just disappeared, and Carl is safe with Declan and Charlotte and the whole Stowaway plot is forgotten for good.  Poof!  No more distractions.

Steven: Hooray for no more distractions! I would also like this Eli character to be a constant feature in this season and maybe even the next.  But I hope he’s more like Aiden — focused, consistent — and less like crazy Ashley and Padma and Daniel, whose wishes and belief systems and goals seem to change with the wind…

Susan: I’m just glad the stakes are getting higher for Emily.  By the end of the episode, I really felt like we had left the convoluted season 2 theatrics behind and were ready to get back down to pretty, pretty revenge in the pretty, pretty Hamptons, with the pretty, pretty people.  Better yet – Nolan’s back in the fold on everything too.  It’s everything I always dreamed about.

PS – How crazy random was it that Helen Hunt directed this episode?  Weird.

Next week on Revenge… Eli stirs up trouble and Emily makes an awesome freaked out face.  Can they make it two good episodes in a row?  I’m too afraid to look.


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