Justified recap: You’re Gonna Wish I Shot You

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March 14, 2013 by Susan Miller

Limehouse was also in this episode, but we forgot to talk about him.  Oops.

Limehouse was also in this episode, but we forgot to talk about him. Oops.

Susan: First things first – who’s not getting out of Harlan alive?  My money is on Ava and (gulp) Art.

Steven: Shelby is definitely not going to make it out. Ava has been kind of stale this season, so I could see her taking a bullet.  Ooh, from Ellen Mae.  Wouldn’t that be poetic?  Colt is dead for sure, because really there’s no way for him to logically stay unless Boyd abandons his drug trade entirely and flees to Mexico or something like that.  Which brings me to Boyd…  I have this sicky feeling that Boyd is not going to grow old up on Clover Hill.  This very well could be the violent end to Boyd that every season has promised.

As for Art, if they kill him off, who will remind us of all the recent hijinks that Raylan has gotten into? Also, who will play firm but protective father figure to our favorite U.S. Marshall?

Susan: Well duh, Shelby’s not going to make it out.  That’s fairly obvious.  Though I did get a little bit excited about them escaping to Mexico, because I thought we might run into Charlie who stole all that money from the evidence locker last season.  That would be fun.  Also, him running off with Ellen Mae reminded me of that great episode in season 1 where Raylan was hunting down the dentist that the cartel was chasing.  I think I’m ready for the Detroit thing to be done and for the Miami crooks to jump back into the story.  Do you suppose that will be a final season arc?

I’m worried about Boyd, but I think Walton Goggins might be too big of a star to be killed off.  In an Elmore Leonard novel, Boyd is certainly dead, but TV has to play by different rules.  If Ava dies, and Art dies, then both Raylan and Boyd will be grieving next season, which could be interesting.  I’m most worried about Art because of all the retirement talk at the beginning of the season, and Rachel’s casual mention of Raylan potentially becoming her boss with this Drew Thompson case.  Also, Raylan lost his biological father already, so it makes sense for him to lose his actual father figure in the same season.  That being said, I was so, so happy that Art gave us that terrific speech about Drew Thompson and all of his exploits.  Art is the best.  Don’t kill him, Yost!
Steven: I think you may be right about Boyd, and I do kind of like the idea of Boyd and Raylan being on the same page.  But if Art, Ava, and Arlo all die at the end of this season, Raylan will be grieving threefold and Boyd will only be grieving twice.  Also, they would be getting rid of three “A” characters.  That seems a little imbalanced.

I also thought about Charlie when everyone started discussing passports.  I like how in this last episode everyone went through stages of reaction – first trying to get Shelby, and then trying to figure out what to do once it was clear they had lost to Raylan and the Marshalls.  There was a converge and then disperse nature to the characters as a whole, and from next week it looks like they are going to converge again.  I always love it when all of the characters have to converge.

Susan: Speaking of dispersing, I find it interesting that Wynn is leaving town.  For a brief bit, I thought maybe the show was pulling a double fake out on us in that Wynn was actually Drew.  I think that’s more of a side effect of my love of Wynn rather than something the story is giving to us logically.  Still, I think it lets us know how serious this storm is going to be if Wynn is ready to bail.  Somehow, Wynn became the Saul Goodman of this show and I hope he outlives them all.  Have Wynn and Art shared a scene yet?  That would be terrific.

Man, how good was Colt in that scene with Shelby/Drew?  I love his crazy laugh almost as much as I loved his fake cough when he left Tim and Cassie last week.  Colt has been completely captivating this season, and is much, much more interesting than sad sack stupid head Johnny.  Could we finally finish off Johnny and get more Colt next year?  That would make the story far more interesting, though I think Ron Eldard’s paygrade is a little bit higher than whoever’s playing Johnny.

Steven: I agree – Johnny is grating on my very last nerve.  At this point he’s basically just there to whine and do a piss-poor job of interrogating his whore/girlfriend.  I say shoot him again!  But I do hope we get more Wynn, even if he does run off to Canada.  I can’t believe how much I like Wynn considering how much I just despise the fake NA… (what is he? Certainly not a meeting chair) person he plays on Breaking Bad.

The Colt scene was great in that it made me very uncomfortable.  I think Colt is just the right amount of damaged and dangerous to add that extra unpredictability to any scene.  That’s so important to a story.  When we know how everyone is going to act, I think it takes away that tension, even if what they’re going to do is bad.  I like having Colt around Harlan but, like I said, I don’t think he’ll be able to stick around without changing the direction of the show too much.  So I’m still betting he’s a goner.

Next week on Justified… one group tries to escape Harlan while the other group tries to blow them up.  It’s gonna be a good time.

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