American Idol recap: Tenth Place Goes To…

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March 14, 2013 by Susan Miller


It wasn’t a surprise to me, but Nicki was ticked.  She called out America, threatened to quit the show if Curtis was sent home, and then pouted through Curtis’ farewell rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly.”  (BTW – that song is still amazing.)  Ryan asked Randy if the judges wanted to use their save, but it was a no go.  In order to save someone, it has to be unanimous, and it certainly was not.  Nicki (again, voice of the people!) complained that there wasn’t really a discussion about it, confirming the long-held belief that those saves are orchestrated well ahead of time by the producers – not the judges.

In the non-results portion of the show Phillip Phillips was back but did NOT sing his 4 time multi-platinum single “Home.”  It felt like a mistake.  Then the 6th place boy and girl were revealed and they were… Charlie and Aubrey, oddly enough.  America really didn’t love my boys Cortez and Nick.  Huh.  Charlie sang an original and looked and sounded much better than last week, but still made it awkward in his interview with Ryan by saying that the song was written about the end of a 2.5 year relationship.  What?  Isn’t he 15 or something?  Awkward.  Then Aubrey came out and looked amazing and I’ve already forgotten what she sang and how it sounded.  Tis the curse of being as pretty as Aubrey.  I hope for everyone’s sake that Aubrey gets sent on the tour.  Guess we’ll find out next week.

They did try to spruce up the results this season by revealing the top 3 first and then the rest of the top ten from 4 down.  It was very interesting to discover that Lazaro was the top placing guy, followed by Burnell, Paul, Devin and poor Curtis.  Here’s how the top ten shook out:

1,2,3 (no order revealed): Angie, Candice, Kree
4 – Lazaro
5 – Amber
6 – Janelle
7 – Burnell
8 – Paul
9 – Devin
10 – Curtis

Honestly, Lazaro was the only one who really deserved to go home tonight, but it was clear that we’d seen everything Curtis had to offer.  It makes sense to me that he goes home now, especially coming off a full season of Joshua Ledet mania.  He left in a classy way, and several of the other contestants cried during his send-off, so in the end, it seems like he really is a nice guy.  Enjoy the tour, buddy!  You did more than enough to get your gospel record.

Next week!  9 singers perform.  We find out who gets the 11th spot on the Idol tour.  And the drama with Nicki will inevitably continue.  I can’t wait.  See you then.

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