American Idol recap: Top Ten


March 13, 2013 by Susan Miller

Idol is LIVE! for the first? time this season.  I can’t remember if last week’s results episode was live, but it seems like maybe it was.  Anyway, tonight is definitely live because Nicki is stuck in traffic and not there at the start of the show.  I bet Mariah is pissed that she didn’t think of that first.  It’s very un-divalike to show up on time.

The theme for tonight is Idol winners, sort of.  The contestants must choose a song that a previous Idol winner covered on their season or released after they won.  That actually provides quite a bit of range, so I hope the contestants take advantage of it and get a little creative.

Curtis Finch, Jr.: I Believe, Fantasia – Curtis chooses to sing Fantasia’s coronation song, which cannot be improved.  It will also suit all of his oversinging bad habits.  He comes out in a hideous paisley blazer and makes normal words stretch faaaaaar beyond their normal limit.  Man, remember when Tasia sang this song?  That was great.  He doesn’t have the emotion to make this work.  It’s oddly phrased and he’s pulling out these weird Carlton dance moves.  It’s a mess, folks.  Keith opens the judging with two lies and a truth, Randy rambles and Mariah looks skinnier.  I think she might steadily shrink each week on this show.  She has the money and diva power to do that.  Nicki is still stuck in traffic.

Janelle Arthur: Gone, Montgomery Gentry – Janell’s taking on a Scotty song, and all I can think about is that weird baseball motion Scotty did when he sang it. Also, why didn’t she sing a Carrie or Kelly song?  The song started nice but is quickly getting away from her.  Slightly better than Curtis, and she certainly looks better.  So… that’s that.  Nicki’s back!  She’s wearing a crazy hoodie and sunglasses inside.  Does she not have her face on?  So far, so weird tonight.

Devin Velez: Temporary Home, Carrie Underwood – I think what bugs me most about Devin is that he looks so much like a character on Glee.  It makes it very hard for me to take him seriously, especially when he talks about wanting to be an artist like Michael Buble and Josh Groban.  He sings a very sleepy Carrie Underwood song.  It’s pleasant, but never really takes off.  Also, his eyebrows are very, very shaped tonight.  Nicki liked it, even though he didn’t sing in Spanish.  Also, she took off her glasses and her face is on, so phew.

Angie Miller: I Surrender, Celine Dion – Angie picked a song that Kelly covered way back in season one because she is the smartest competitor on this show.  Angie is the closest thing to a Kelly clone this show has produced, and I’m always so excited to see what she does next.  She has incredible range and personality and I hope that her version of big diva ballads will help the other girls be more creative with their big diva ballads too.  They could learn a lot from Ms. Angie.

Paul Jolley: Amazed, Lonestar – Paul picks another Scotty performance song, and despite Jimmy Iovine’s tough love, Paul oversings it and goes all theatrical in the eyes and face.  He keeps trying to smile in the song, which is so weird and out of place and desperate.  Paul is just flat out pleading you with his eyes and it makes me so uncomfortable.  If anyone can be accused of being pageant-y, it’s Paul.  It was mediocre, the judges think he’s improving, and I’ve already forgotten most of it.  Sorry, Paul.

Candice Glover: I Who Have Nothing, Tom Jones – Candice sang those notes in high heels and leather pants without breaking a sweat.  She’s amazing.  I’m in love.  This year’s Angie/Candice finale is going to be the best concert ever.  Nicki said that the song should now be banned from all future Idol seasons and I agree.  That is now the definitive version.  Can-dice!

Lazaro Arbos: Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson – Ouch.  Lazaro just learned the hard way that singing a Kelly Clarkson song is much, much harder than it looks.  It was a mess from start to finish.  Lazaro has a new look, which is cute, but he has some sort of weird black tape down the middle of his shirt that’s supposed to look like a skinny tie? Maybe?  I don’t quite get it.

Kree Harrison: Crying, Roy Orbison – Pretty, pretty, pretty.  Kree’s voice is just so pretty and perfect and I love it so much.  Nicki loves it so much it reminds her of eating waffles.  Can we have an Angie/Candice/Kree finale instead?  Yummy.  I would also really love to hear a Kree/Burnell duet.  I think they would sound lovely together.

Burnell Taylor: Flying without wings, Ruben Studdard – Burnell wins the makeover prize, for sure.  They took away his glasses and that little bump of hair on the back of his head and burned his flowered hat and out came a cutie pie superstar.  This song was a little bit sleepy and unfamiliar, but he’s still the best boy by far.  He’s got a lot of ground to cover to catch up to the girls, but at this point, he should at least outlast Janelle.

Amber Holcomb: A Moment Like This, Kelly Clarkson – Amber closed the show with Kelly’s coronation song, which, eh.  I always thought it was Kelly’s weakest hit, but Randy still thinks it was the best coronation song in all of Idol.  Really, Randy?  Even better than Philip Philipps “Home”, aka, the song on every third commercial that is currently financing your salary?  Randy is dumb.  Amber did a fine job, looked great, and sang effortlessly.  It’s the same thing every week with her.  I don’t know if she has the emotional maturity to really sell these songs, which will start to become very apparent when the boys get weeded out.  But for now, well done.

After weeks of multiple cuts it seems anticlimactic to only send one person home this week.  I think Lazaro’s time might be up this week, but I could also see Curtis and Devin going home without much fuss.  The real drama will be to see if Nicki can make it to her job on time tomorrow.

One thought on “American Idol recap: Top Ten

  1. tejnoor says:

    There are so many good singers this season!! Also, I agree with your statement about it being sort of anticlimactic, but I think it’ll pull an emotional response from me no matter what the verdict. I haven’t seen today episode yet either. 😦 I think the top 10 should do duets though!! I blogged about it. Check it out if you get a chance, and vote on the poll! 😀

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