Justified recap: What now, Drew?

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March 11, 2013 by Susan Miller

justified - drew

Susan: So it turns out I was right about Drew.  Would you like to shower me with praises now?  Care to venture a guess as to what happens next?

Steven: I will totally shower you with praises and gifts and stellar letters of recommendation should you ever decide to leave our blog for a larger, more prestigious blog.  That’s how impressed I am with your prediction — that I’m willing to lose you to a better blog.

I have no earthly idea what’s going to happen next, though.  I would like another Colt-Tim showdown where the Marshall actually draws on Colt.  Colt has been a really dynamic character this season, and he’s added a lot of depth and complexity to the Crowder crowd.  But if somebody doesn’t kill him soon, I don’t think the audience will be able to suspend their disbelief into next season.

Then again, audiences are tuning into Anger Management for the next fifty years, so what do I know?

Susan: As if there could be a better blog than ours.  Ours is so timely and relevant and full of other people’s information gleaned from exclusive interviews and insider knowledge.  But, if you insist.

I wish there could have been more explanation about how Shelby was Drew.  We got some slight backstory from Constable Bob, but it’s all tied up in Hunter, and even though I just binge watched season 1 of Justified two months ago, I can’t remember his whole story as it relates to Harlan.  So I’m still a bit in the dark.  Which is probably where I should be, given that we still have 4 episodes to go this season.  As for Colt, I will be so sorry to see him go, but even sorrier to see him stay.  Television is fickle like that.

I’m glad that Cassie turned up this week, and it seems like all of our story threads are starting to come together.  Did you get the feeling there could be some sort of love connection between Tim and Cassie?  I’m always surprised at how well Tim fits into this world.  First Colt, now Cassie.  He just works.  Rachel, on the other hand, seems to have disappeared.  Poor thing.  Maybe next season.

Steven: WE. We just binge watched seasons 1-3.  (Where would you be without your trusty side-kick/enabler?)

I would also like to see Tim and Cassie get together — I don’t think they did that Colt scene accidentally or without a larger goal.

Susan: How much did you love all the roundtables this week?  I love hearing Raylan talk about the good ol’ days, especially when he gets into his Mama stories.  That one anecdote led to the scene with Wynn and Hunter and Raylan (and Raylan’s amazing pronunciation of Wynn as Ween) and then Constable Bob and the Clover Hill folks.  Normally anecdotes between bit characters are boring and confusing, but in a world as well drawn as Harlan, they always leave me wanting more.

As for other loose threads in this season, do you think we’ll ever circle back to Arlo’s lawyer, Josiah Cairn or Drew’s widow?  Was that really Constable Bob’s whole purpose?  What about the debt Boyd owes to Nick and Theo?  What about Winona and the baby?  Does she even know that her baby’s grandaddy is now unfortunately deceased?  That’s a lot of ground to cover in 4 episodes.

Steven: I totally forgot about Winona!  Is this whole season supposed to be taking place in like a week and a half?  It really threw me for a loop when they revealed that the distance between episode 1 and episode 7 was just six days!

The reason their anecdotes work so well, I think, is because they’re not 100% filler, nor are they 100% thematic.  I liked the conversation between Raylan and Hunter because it was a moment of decoding Raylan as a character through the lens of his recently deceased father, but it didn’t get melodramatic or Hallmark-y.  Although, neither did it shy away from the fact that the two things — Raylan’s drive and talent, and his terrible father — are inextricably connected.  The show does a really good job of just telling the truth.

There are a lot of loose ends, we all know that, but I’m confident the important ones will be tied back together in the end.

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