Justified recap: You’re gonna need a saw

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February 12, 2013 by Susan Miller

Hello again!  I am writing this on Tuesday evening, well aware of the looming 9 p.m. deadline of the next episode.  Yikes.  Steven is out working and grad schooling this week so I’m flying solo on this recap.  Double yikes.  We’ll get through it together.

It's time for these two to get a bottle episode.

It’s time for these two to get a bottle episode.

This (last?) week on Justified, we found Ellen Mae holed up with Sheriff Shelby, Raylan and Boyd went to the hills to find Drew Thompson, Arlo used his Drew Thompson knowledge to negotiate an early release and Josiah Cairn got rid of his ankle bracelet in the most painful way possible.  A lot happened and it was all fun.  Can you say that about any other show on TV right now?  Answer: no you cannot.

Who cut off Josiah’s foot, and what did he/she do with the rest of him?

So many options and none of them good.  My guess is that a new character took him, which is annoying, because it means that whatever I guess will be wrong.  I suppose that’s the most surefire way to stay ahead of your audience though.  Tricky Yost!  I’d like to think that it was Nick Augustine (Mike O’Malley) from the Detroit crew, since he mentioned that Theo was talking to the ear earlier in the episode, and cutting off a foot seems like the kind of thing he would do.  But then why did he come to Wynn for help?  It’s hard to tell if Raylan goes to see Josiah after Boyd and the lawyer have their meeting, but my other guess for foot chopper is Arlo’s lawyer, since Boyd paid her off to make Arlo’s deal go away.  She has all the information Arlo has, and is willing to be bought.  Could be she’s more slippery than meets the eye.  I’m sure we’ll find out tonight.  Any guesses from the peanut gallery?

Has Sheriff Shelby done lost his mind?

I was so excited at the beginning of the episode because I thought for sure that I was right about Constable Bob.  Then it turned out that Shelby took Ellen Mae and now I’m instantly less interested in this storyline.  The only way that Shelby could take down Boyd is if he became a corrupt cop.  And the only reason he wants to take down Boyd is because Boyd wants him to be a corrupt cop.  It’s an impossible situation, and Boyd will win because he’s Walton Goggins and the inevitability of the whole thing just makes me sad.  Also, Ellen Mae’s information hurts Ava more than it hurts Boyd so it’s all just going to be a colossal tragedy and not in the fun way like season 4 of The Wire.  Sigh.  Poor Randy.

Season long question: What’s Arlo’s secret?

There was so much development with the mystery this week!  So much that I’m sure I’ve gotten half of it wrong.  Here’s what I think we learned: Drew Thompson shot Theo Tonin in the eye and stole his cocaine.  Theo got mad about that and wanted revenge so Drew hired Waldo to jump to his death with Theo’s cocaine strapped to his back.  Waldo did, everyone thought Waldo was Drew and only Drew, Arlo, Josiah, Bo Crowder and the hill people knew the difference.  Here’s where I get a bit confused.  Josiah, for some reason, sent his stepdaughter to Arlo’s house to look for the bag that confirmed that the real Drew Thompson did not jump out of that plane.  Why would he do that?  Also, if Arlo and Bo sold the cocaine in Harlan, why didn’t they get in any trouble with the Tonins?  We also found out that the FBI guy who investigated Raylan last season was crooked, but he’s dead now so that’s not much help.  We also found out that Drew Thompson is no longer living with the hill people and Mary told Raylan that he was looking “on the wrong hill.”  Is there any possible way she meant Capitol Hill?  Her whole story was about how he turned his back on them and wouldn’t even look at her when she saw him years later.  Could he be a crooked politician?  Or did she just mean that he was on a nicer hill in a big fancy house?  I’m officially confused by my own theories.

Do you SEE any cats?

Do you SEE any cats?

Stray Thoughts

Raylan and Boyd were finally reunited and it felt so good.  Those two have such an easy chemistry.  I could watch them shoot the shit all day.  It’s going to be fun watching them hunt the same prey for the rest of the season.

Winona popped up at the beginning of the episode to do… what, exactly?  Remind us that she’s pregnant?  Check the temperature of the Raylan/Winona love story?  Make Raylan look like an arrogant jerk?  It was a puzzling moment in a busy episode and I’m not quite sure why it needed to be there.

One of the biggest surprises for me in this episode was the common ground between Tim and Colt.  I loved their scenes together as they waited at the bottom of the hill for (also surprisingly similar) Raylan and Boyd.  More, please.

In fact, let’s just see more of Colt with everyone.  He spent most of this episode freaking out by himself, then calmly sweet talking the gas station attendant, freaking out to Shelby, then calmly lying to Boyd about where he was and where Ellen Mae was.

Boyd (peppering Colt on the details of Ellen Mae’s demise): What were her last words?

Colt: I’m cold.

It’s a good thing improv is such an important part of military training nowadays.

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