Justified recap: There’s a snake in my boot

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January 24, 2013 by Susan Miller

"Mistakin’ my own hubris for God’s touch, that ain’t religion, son. That’s called self-glorification.”  - Boyd Crowder

“Mistakin’ my own hubris for God’s touch, that ain’t religion, son. That’s called self-glorification.” – Boyd Crowder

This week on Justified: snakes.  Lots and lots of snakes.  Snakes on the face, snakes in boxes, milked snakes (not to be confused with milk shakes), snakes exploded with shotguns, one snake, two snake, red snake, blue snake.  Boyd has had it with these motherf*#*ng snakes in that motherf*^#ng tent!  Other things happened too, but mostly just… snakes, man.  Snakes.

Is Eve psychic, or did she have inside information from Randall and Lindsay?

Susan: I’d really like to believe that she had some connection to Randall and Lindsey.  I know that seems even more unlikely than her psychic abilities, but if there was a normal reason for those two groups to be in contact, that would be pretty cool.  After all, we did learn that several of her clients had complained of home burglaries.  Maybe they have mutual friends on the con game circuit.  Though, the more I think about it, the less plausible it seems.  I’m guessing she just told them to go to the boxing gym with Raylan’s car parked behind it.  There can’t be too many cars like Raylan’s outside of boxing gyms in Kentucky.  Clean, simple, straightforward.

Steven: This is one of those amazing shows that flirts with extremes.  Characters are either convicts or law men, down and out sinners or religiously devout.  There’s nobody in between.  (Except for maybe Raylan.)  For me, Eve is a reminder of this fact.  Raylan is the detective, the scientist in the traditional Sherlock Holmesian sense of the word, and Eve is telling him something illogical that has a supernatural-only explanation.  If Sir Conan Arthur were writing this character arc, Raylan would eventually uncover her “trick.”  However, in the world of Harlan county anything is possible.  There’s an interesting foil to Eve in Preacher Billy who is shown to be an unknowing fraud when Boyd reveals that his sister Cassie has been milking the rattlers of their venom.  The fact that Billy was willing to take the venomous snake anyway is a sign of his faith; the fact that the rattler bit him and sent the preacher to the ground with its venom, questions that faith.  In a strictly detective story, Eve would not be allowed to be a psychic, much like Preacher Billy was not actually able to fend off the fangs of a poisonous rattler with only his faith.  My question is, How would Randall or Lindsey know Eve or know to contact her about Raylan?  I’m with Susan in that it is almost as unbelievable as her psychic ability.  I’m going to guess that her trick will come down to a piece of information that Raylan wasn’t aware of.  A specific type of mud on his boots, or that Eve saw him from across the street earlier that day.  Something perceivable.  Something you’d see on Psych and not on that dreadful show with Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Didn’t she ghost whisper or something?

Who’s doing better these days, Boyd or Raylan?

Susan: Boyd certainly got the upper hand with Billy this week, but the bottom seems a lot deeper for Boyd than Raylan.  Sure, Raylan just lost all his illegal bounty hunting earnings to his girlfriend, but he still has a good job, a good boss, and a baby on the way.  Raylan can certainly get things turned around quickly.  Ooh, maybe he’ll call in Constable Bob to help him track down Randall and Lindsey next episode.  I would love to see tiny Patton Oswalt talk tough to the bare knuckle boxing champion.  As for Boyd, it seems like his problems are just beginning.  It’s only a matter of time before Ella Mae confides in Cassie, and I’m guessing she’ll be a lot tougher to take down than Billy was.  Then you have Johnny’s wandering eye, Wynn Duffy, Arlo, and the Dixie Mafia to deal with.  That, plus the chronic cash flow problems and their ever dwindling crew means that Boyd won’t be on top for long.  God help us all.

Steven: Professionally or romantically?  Oh, I guess Boyd has Raylan on both of those fronts, doesn’t he?  Raylan does NOT seem to be doing himself any favors at this point in the season.  There’s the bounty hunting, which could cost him his badge.  Then there’s Lindsey, whose negative qualities seem to get Raylan going more than any of the few positives she has to offer.  (Is it just me, or did it seem like Raylan might’ve left her before he found out she was a married con-woman?)  Meanwhile, Boyd is running the show in Harlan, staying toe to toe with Wynn Duffy (more-or-less), and tricking Pentecostals into letting rattlesnakes bite them.  And he still has Ava.  Who does Raylan have at this point?  Art still kind of likes him, I guess.

Season long question: What’s Arlo’s secret?

Steven: I think that Arlo is protecting Drew Thompson from Theo Tonin (f.y.i. Theo is Greek for God, food for thought).  Although what’s in it for Arlo?  Has this guy saved his life, or will handing him over destroy Harlan county?  Is Arlo actually Drew Thompson himself?  Well, clearly all I have are word etymologies and more questions…

Susan: Ooh, I like the idea of Arlo being Drew Thompson.  How trippy would that be?  It seems like a visit to Ellstin Limehouse might be in order soon, as he is the keeper of all Kentucky conspiracy theories.  Then again, maybe Arlo is just protecting himself from Theo Tonin.  Dude carries around a human ear in his pocket.  I would imagine that when Theo Tonin talks, even Arlo listens.

Don't get lazy on us, writers.

Don’t get lazy on us, writers.

Stray Thoughts

They keep trying to make Rachel happen and it’s just not working.  I hope they can resist the urge to hook her up with Raylan.

Mystery update: the man who jumped out of the plane with the cocaine was Waldo Truth, but everyone else thought he was Drew Thompson.  Now we think that Drew Thompson is alive, but living under a different identity.  Is that right?  Now I’m even doubting my new understanding.  I might be an episode behind with this mystery business all season.  Please accept this as my blanket apology for all past and future confusion.  (Help!)

Johnny’s trying to step out on Boyd.  Booooooo.  I miss the baseball playing knucklehead Johnny of season one.  Season four Johnny needs some sunshine and levity, and maybe one of those spiffy pocket watches that Boyd keeps showing off.  Poor, sad, soon-to-be-dead Johnny.

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