Justified recap: Addict hours

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January 17, 2013 by Susan Miller

This week on Justified, Art gets suspicious, Tim gets a speaking part, Rachel gets a backstory, and the Truth family gets a chance to be on their worst behavior.  Also, that guy from Grey’s Anatomy shows up to ruin Raylan’s fun with the pretty bartender, and Boyd and Billy engage in a war of words.  (Spoiler: everyone wins except Cassie).  As if that weren’t entertainment enough – Wynn Duffy’s back!  This show is such a gift.

Shhh, I'm hunting rednecks.

Shhh, I’m hunting rednecks.

Is the show really going to let Art retire?

Susan: I certainly hope not.  Though I don’t really understand the point of introducing this story line if he’s just going to end up staying.  I suppose it could make him more lenient with Raylan when he gets caught in this bounty hunting side job?  It could create a competitive atmosphere between Rachel and Tim and Raylan, though none of them seem particularly keen on getting a raise.  Nick Searcy is usually burdened with the exposition dialogue, but he does such a good job with it that it’s always a treat to watch.  (Much like Jeremy Davies’ character on Lost).  This week he got to fill in the backstories of Rachel and Tim and we learned more about them in 30 seconds than we have in 3 seasons.  You can’t just let someone like that retire.  C’mon!

Steven: I’m guessing, No? Art to me is like the one sane person in the nut house – he reminds us that the other people are not so sane.  On the one side we have go-to-any-length justice epitomized by Raylan.  On the other end of the spectrum is the dweeby and ineffectual FBI agent (no offense to the FBI) played by the brilliant Stephen Tobolowsky (aka Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day).  Without the gate of reasonableness that is Art, I think these two sides might just collide and eat each other alive.  Although, that would make for some pretty interesting episodes, wouldn’t it?  What would Raylan Givens be like if instead of a mild admonishment and a pat on the back, he was given a muzzle and a stack of paper work?  Scratch that, I don’t want to watch that episode at all…

How will Cassie feel about saving those Harlan souls for free?

Susan: This week we found out a teensy bit more about the Last Chance Holiness church.  My big takeaway was that sister Cassie appears to be the brains behind this soul saving operation, and she looked none too pleased to be swindled out of her cut by Boyd.  I get the feeling that Preacher Billy is mostly pure of spirit, with a stronger desire to save ladies like Ella Mae.  I’m guessing that Cassie decides when it’s time to cut and run, and I’m also guessing that coincides with some of Billy’s habitual weaknesses with the lady folk.  We’ll see.  For now, I’ll just go back and rewatch that debate between Boyd and Billy and marvel at the biblical throwdown between two intellectual equals with diametrically opposed beliefs.  TV!  It’s so good, y’all.

Steven: Gauging from her reaction to Billy’s initial proclamation, I’m going to bet Cassie’s not going to like it.  I like that I am immediately proven wrong about preacher Billy.  Remember when I said, “I don’t think that he does have an angle. Call me gullible or overly optimistic, but I believe a man who handles a live, rattling rattlesnake could only do it because of some bizarro reading of the Old Testament and not in order to get people’s drug money.”  Yeah, I was super wrong.  Thanks for not wasting any time pointing that out to everybody, Graham.

But aside from all of that, I think that she will be quite disgruntled, but Billy will at least convince her to go along.  At least for awhile.

Season long question – what’s Arlo’s secret?

Susan: The big reveal this week was that Waldo Truth was linked to the parachute guy and the drugs falling out of the sky.  C’mon show.  You got to give us more than that.  If it’s cocaine, it’s probably related to the Dixie Mafia, which would give Arlo more of a reason to kill that poor inmate with the bookmobile.  So I’m guessing Wynn Duffy will have an expanded role in this mystery.  I’m also guessing that I will enjoy it.  Jere Burns was made for this show.

Steven: Obviously what was in that bag was a can of Barbasol with a false bottom.  And inside of that can?  Fertilized velociraptor eggs.

justified - boyd

God’s children are like zombies in Boyd’s presence.

Stray Thoughts

I found out two interesting facts about Graham Yost this week.  1. He wrote Speed!  (Did you know that’s one of Steven’s favorite movies?  According to Steven, there’s no such thing as a bad Sandra Bullock movie.)  2. His first TV show experience was on Hey Dude!  The more I learn about him, the more I like him.  Thanks, Entertainment Weekly.

Uh-oh part one: Art casually mentioned that Raylan has been keeping “addict hours” – in late, out early.  He then not so casually mentioned that it is illegal for a US Marshal to do any outside work while under the government’s employ.  I’m so excited for Raylan to get caught.  Can’t.  Wait.

Uh-oh part two: Raylan’s lady love has a husband.  We know very little about him except that he’s bigger than Raylan, fights for fun, and has a bit of an anger problem.  Raylan can outdraw the best of them, but he’s never fared well in a fist fight.  In fact, he usually gets beat up by someone at least once in every season (S1 – drunk guy who took his hat.  S2 – Cooter.  S3 – Boyd).  He’s due for another beat down.

Boyd looked pretty spooked when Wynn shot that dealer in the head.  It’s rare for Boyd to look spooked, and I’m curious to see how this Arlo business drags everyone down into the muck they’re so desperate to avoid.  At this point, Arlo is basically Mr. Magoo.  He just keeps doing crazy things for crazy reasons and creating wars between the real bad guys without any knowledge of his role in the chaos.  It’s awesome.

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