Justified recap: It’s never too early for a Dr. Pepper

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January 10, 2013 by Susan Miller

Patton Oswalt as Constable Bob Sweeney... yeah, that sounds about right.

Patton Oswalt as Constable Bob Sweeney… yeah, that sounds about right.

Welcome, gentle readers!  Steven and I binge watched the first three seasons of Justified in a week over Christmas break and we are now hooked, obsessed and utterly smitten with Harlan County and all its visitors.  Hope you can join us on our journey through season 4.  If the first episode is any indication, we’re in for a fun one.

How long will it be before someone finds out about Raylan’s bounty hunter gig?

Susan: I’m going with episode 5.  We already know that Jody (or, as most of us know him, Tom Walker) found out Raylan’s first name.  That’s ominous.  We also know that the two kids, the junkyard guy and Constable Bob know that he was carrying around someone in his trunk.  Again, ominous.  For some reason, bounty hunting is illegal in Kentucky, which means that it’s highly lucrative and satisfying for someone like Raylan in some place like Elmore Leonard Kentucky.  Do you think he’ll get to share a cell with Dickie and Dewey by the end of the season?  And Art would have to bail him out?  And then Tim would have to do the prison transport?  And Judge Reardon would deliver his sentence?  It’s too good to be true.

Steven: Soon, right?  I bet his coworkers already know, but they’re relegating it to the same level as his constantly shooting bad guys.  That is, I think they see it as a necessary part of having Raylan on the team.  Another question is, When will it become a problem?  So far Tom Walker, I mean JODY, knows Raylan’s name and he has plenty of motive for using that name.  Is it going to be used immediately, or will Jody sit on it?  Or, if he does tell someone, will they even care?  “So what, Jody.  You’re a felon who has been conspiring with al-Qaeda.  Why should I listen to you?” Sgt. Brody might ask him with his tiny mouth before putting a bullet in his head.  (I’m pretty sure the plots are going to overlap.  It’s the next logical thing to happen.  If Homeland wants to have a 3rd season, they’re going to need Raylan Givens on their team.)

So, in summary, I think Raylan has a little breathing room, but we should expect this to blow up definitely by mid-season.

What’s Preacher Billy’s angle?

Susan:  First off, yes.  Preacher Billy (Joseph Mazzello) is played by the same actor who played the little kid in Jurassic Park.  I know it’s been bugging you.  Second, I think it’s some sort of money scheme.  The fact that his church was printed on paper money seems too big to ignore.  When Boyd went preacher in season 1, most people thought it was an angle to help with Bo’s drug business.  Turns out he just really liked blowing stuff up in the name of God.  I get the sense that Billy really likes snakes, and taking people’s money in the name of God.  I’m curious about Ella Mae’s involvement in the church, because she’s been an interesting, troubled, bit character in Harlan’s economy that we haven’t yet explored.  His church is already making a dent in Boyd’s industry.  It’s only a matter of time before we see how Billy is profiting from it.  More than that though, I just want to see someone die from a snake bite this season.

Steven: I don’t think that he does have an angle.  Call me gullible or overly optimistic, but I believe a man who handles a live, rattling rattlesnake could only do it  because of some bizarro reading of the Old Testament and not in order to get people’s drug money.  Although, he is the kid from Jurassic Park, so I suppose one could argue that rattlesnakes don’t strike the same fear in a man’s heart after he’s tangoed with velociraptors.  (Fun fact: in 2007, paleontologist Alan Turner made a peculiar discovery while examining a velociraptor from Mongolia.  The presence of quill knobs proved something paleontologists had long suspected: velociraptors had feathers.  In fact, they were covered in feathers.  They’re not quite as terrifying if you imagine them looking less like dragons and more like Big Bird, huh?  As Mark Norell of the American Museum of Natural History put it, “If animals like velociraptor were alive today our first impression would be that they were just very unusual looking birds.”)

Season long question: What’s Arlo’s secret?

Susan: Arlo seems pretty intent on keeping Waldo Truth’s name quiet.  Arlo’s never been particularly peaceful, but it must be a pretty big deal if he’s willing to kill a prisoner for even asking about it.  Extremely ominous.  Right now I’m guessing that the parachutist isn’t Santa Claus, isn’t alive, and isn’t the end of the story.  Bonus guess: it will somehow involve Raylan’s mama.

Steven: It can’t just be about money.  Otherwise, they would’ve already spent it.  It can’t just be about drugs.  Otherwise, they would’ve already sold them.  What does Arlo have to protect any more?  Not himself or Helen or by extension his home.  Could it be tied to Raylan or to Boyd?  My guess is that Arlo is hiding his real identity.  That’s all I’ve got.

Stray Thoughts

How good is Patton Oswalt as Constable Bob?  I don’t know how Graham Yost and company do it, but I haven’t seen a single character miscast on this show.  Pretty impressive, considering the volume and variety of characters they’ve deployed in the last three seasons.  If we can’t have Dickie and Dewey this season, I’m happy to settle in with Constable Bob and spend more time with Art and Rachel and Tim.

Boyd’s hair was, dare I say, somewhat normal in this episode.  Surely this isn’t the mark of a man at the head of a criminal enterprise.  I liked the subtle details of the successful Boyd – drink of choice: Dr. Pepper; time piece of choice: pocket watch.  But the subtle hair has got to go.  Two other things I loved about the new Boyd?  1. His correct usage of the word “nonplussed” and 2. his carefully worded answer to buddy Colton Rose:

Colton: You kill people?

Boyd: People have been killed.

Oh Boyd.  Every word you say is cool.

Where was Art this week?  Every truly great episode of Justified has a zinger from Nick Searcy.  More of that, please.

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