Dexter recap: Feliz Año Nuevo

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December 19, 2012 by Susan Miller

Bonded by blood, eternally doomed.

Bonded by blood, eternally doomed.

The show might be called Dexter, but this season was all about Deb.  Jennifer Carpenter has been quietly getting better each year and I think it’s safe to declare that this is now her show.  In the end, it was fitting for the season to end with Deb’s first kill, and for her to be so emotionally destroyed by it.  She’s not Dexter, she can’t be Dexter, and even though she will sell her soul to protect him, she won’t be better for it.  This is the beginning of the end of Deb, and therefore, the beginning of the end of the whole show.  Move over Dexter.  We’re Team Deb.

What’s next for Deb?

Susan: My heart breaks for Deb.  My heart broke so much for Deb this season that I realized just how much I want Dexter to get caught.  He’s bringing so much pain and suffering to everyone around him and he seems to be completely unaffected by it.  He’s so maddeningly selfish.  I realize that this is normal serial killer behavior, but it hadn’t bothered me until now.  He’s destroyed so many lives, but Deb’s was the last straw.  I honestly don’t know how she’s going to be able to live with the guilt.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she committed suicide, but I hope the writers give her the honorable exit and let her turn herself in for LaGuerta’s murder.  If Dexter’s secret was enough to get her hooked on anti-anxiety meds, there’s no way she can continue to function after this.

Steven: A selfish addict?  No.  My heart also breaks for Deb, however, re-watching season 2, which focused on her relationship with AARP, special agent Lundy, her rebound from serial killer Brian Moser (aka the Ice Truck Killer), I realized that my heart has been broken for Deb for a long time.  It’s not bad enough that she has to be in love with her brother (aka her real-life ex-husband), but every love interest has either been crazy or recently murdered.  Did the writers just figure out that Jennifer Carpenter played depressed/stressed-to-the-max/utterly-trampled-on magnificently?  I just want to give her a cupcake and a hug and give her a spin-off where she goes up to cozy Sarasota where she drinks red wine and solves knitting mysteries where all of the dead bodies died of natural causes or were actually just sleeping.

Will this be the year Miami Metro stops being in denial about Dexter?

Susan: How many people have to accuse Dexter before people start actually wondering about Dexter?  First you had Doakes, then Quinn, then Louis, and now LaGuerta.  And yet, every single time, all the Miami Metro cops are appalled and outraged and absolutely purple with shock.  Are they the dumbest people on earth?  Will we find out next season that Dexter is literally brainwashing all of them?  It’s a little too much to take.  It looks like Jamie and Quinn will be hooking up next season, so that’s a start.  It’s never a good sign when your hopes rest on Quinn, but he was the one who got the closest to uncovering Dexter’s secret.  He even hired someone to spy on him, and Liddy had actual proof of Dexter’s secret before he got killed and Quinn got framed and then Dexter helped him out so Quinn never mentioned it again?  It’s a bit fuzzy, but I think that’s the chain of stupid events that led to present day Quinn.

The bigger test will be Batista.  Poor, Angel.  At least he got his retirement party.  How long do you think it will be before he comes back to work to avenge LaGuerta’s death?  Will he get a week of vacation, at least?  I think he’ll be the one to finally get Dexter, because there’s no way the show will allow Dexter or Deb to kill him.  Poor, poor, Angel.  Death would be a sweeter fate than having to arrest the Morgans for murder.

Steven: I think Batista will get exactly as much time away from Miami Metro as we do.  Episode one, he’ll be on the crime scene or reviewing photographs from the crime scene or doing something.  I cannot see Batista turning a blind eye to LaGuerta’s murder and not helping out in some way.  Also, I would have to agree with Susan on her point about Angel not getting killed.  There is no way that Dexter would break his code that much so that it includes Angel.  At least Maria was conniving and manipulative, power hungry and relentless.  Sweet Angel has only tried to bring happiness and harmony to everyone else on the show.  And what has it brought him?  A horrific relationship with Lila, a divorce from LaGuerta, and most recently he’s had to partner up with Quinn.  That has to be worth two divorces by itself.  I hope that if it isn’t Deb who brings Dexter in, it’s Angel.  And like Susan, I can’t help but notice how many lives he’s actually ruined.  Back in season 2, Doakes tried to tell him this.  Did he listen?  Sort of.  There was that night with Deb where he almost told her, but instead decided that eating steak with his sis was worth living for.  After all, if Deb didn’t have Dexter, who would she have?  How has that worked out for her, Dex?  Anxiety pills and murdering her boss… these do not seem like improvements from season 2’s slightly neurotic obsession with older men and exercising…

Stray Thoughts

So the Koshka storyline was just to kill time?  In the end, Quinn didn’t care a bit about Nadia and no one ever found out that Quinn shot a guy and stole evidence.  Ugh.  It gets really hard to defend Dexter when they abandon stories like this every season.  And what was with the random arson story from the middle of the season?  There and then gone, no point to it whatsoever.  That time would’ve been much better served with some backstory on mysterious black lady cop, Masuka’s home life, or the trials and tribulations of Batista’s restaurant adventure.  Any of those would’ve been much more relevant and enjoyable.

It will be strange to have a season without LaGuerta.  I hope that Matthews comes back and takes her old job.  I also hope that the warrants she ordered don’t get abandoned.  Even if Dexter destroyed them, the judge would remember signing them, right?  Probably not, because this is Dexter’s brainwashed gang of monkeys we’re talking about, but if there’s hope for the show, the warrants will come back to bite them both.

Hannah’s still out there… somewhere.  Her black orchid parting gift seems plenty ominous.  I hope that she and Lumen team up to thoroughly confuse Dexter next season.  If they just used them interchangeably throughout the episodes, how many people would really notice?  Dexter definitely has a type, and it’s a little bit disturbing.  Poor Deb never had a chance.

That’s all folks!  We’ll be back for the 8th (and final?) season of Dexter next year, with plenty of things to say about our dear friends and killers in Miami.  Until then, stay tuned to the blog in the spring for recaps of Revenge, Girls and Mad Men.

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