Revenge recap: Not Just a Fantastic Flannery O’Connor Story Anymore

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December 5, 2012 by Susan Miller

victoria gun

You touch my son, and I swear I will keep threatening you over the phone

Okay, so before we go any further, let me comment on the above photo.  This week the Initiative threatened Victoria and Conrad, going so far as to point out that the Initiative could see them.  So here’s my question: You have 100 shotguns scattered about around you, why not pick one of them up and track these Initiativites down?  That’s what Emily would do.

Elsewhere, Emily and Aiden sent a video of Ashley hooking up with Conrad to Victoria.  Victoria then used the video to blackmail Ashley into seducing Latin American investor Salvador for a Conrad board-vote.  Emily and Aiden saw this, of course, and used the situation to clue in Daniel on Ashley’s presence in Salvador’s hotel room, thus securing the vote for Daniel.  Nolan was tricked out of the controlling stake in his own company by information given to him by long-fired Marco who Nolan then hired.  Also, there was some shenanigans down by the docks.  AND, I made the shocking realization that this week’s Revenge was way more realistic than this week’s Homeland!  (I would’ve been more shocked, but to be fair there have been several weeks of foreshadowing.)

What is Ashley’s goal?

Steven: I am completely not sure at this point.  My pet theory – that she’s working for Takeda and has been all along – is becoming more far-fetched the further she gets away from Emily.  If she’s really here to help Emily get revenge, then I can understand why she would want to drive a stake between Daniel and Emily, but what about Conrad?  There’s still some logic if she’s going after the Initiative for Tadeka, but shouldn’t she be working in harmony with Emily and Aiden at least somewhat?  They seem to be in direct opposition at the moment, and that doesn’t sit well with me.  A far more plausible – and therefore not going to turn out to be the case – situation is that Ashley is trying to pull a Victoria, i.e. sleep her way into a dirty fortune.  Et tu, Ashley?  That would be so drab.

Susan: The simple answer seems to be that the writers don’t know what to do with Ashley either.  So one week it looks like she’s working for Takeda, another week it looks like she’s working for the Initiative and yet another week it looks like she’s just a Victoria in training who cries too much to be taken seriously.  C’mon guys.  Stop the waterworks.  It’s so unbecoming.  Also, did we know about the Conrad and Victoria hook-up before this episode?  It seems like something we should’ve known before now.  Remember when Ashley threw parties and Nolan showed up and had no friends and she sighed around him and he called her Ash and everyone was all huffy about it?  Those were good times.  This season we just get stupid shooting scenes with everyone in matching vests.  It’s just so ridiculous.

What is Nolan’s super-secret plan?

Steven: Could we have a repeat of “Trust,” where Nolan and Emily will use their insider information to run down the value of Grayson Global and then repurchase NolCorp back at a discount?  Or I know, Nolan will just sell off his current position in NolCorp and wait for the impending doom that is the FISCAL CLIIIIIIIIFF take care of the stock price for him.  I would like to pretend that I understand all of the ins and outs of this Grayson Global board situation, but I absolutely don’t.  I’m okay with this, as it seems that not even Aiden knows what’s going on and it was his entire mission to get a seat on the board.  Therefore, I will guess that it has to do with derivatives contracts that are based on the value of Japanese baseball cards, and in the end Nolan will get to go to all the swanky parties he wants either with Padma or Marco on his arm.  Oh, and Ashley will get the throw them.

Susan: Duh.  He’s going to be all Trojan horsing it up in that biz.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.  AKA – that’s all the writers know right now.  FISCAL CLIIIIIIIIIIIFFFF!  Maybe the Revenge writers and the Homeland writers (and, after tonight’s episode, the Nashville writers) are all just putting their eggs in the Mayan apocalypse basket and seeking a friend for the end of the world.  Random aside: that was a super depressing and terrible movie.

Stray thoughts

The Stowaway story found a way to give us the one thing we miss the most from season one – revenged names crossed out with a red pen.  Chilling.

Were the Graysons shutting off the security cameras in the house at the end of the episode?  Why would they do that now that the Initiative can see them?  If it clears the way for a clam cam resurrection, I’m all for it.  But also, why?

Does this mean that Ashley is out of the show now?  That would be the worst exit ever.  I don’t really see how she can get back in the Grayson’s good graces though.  It’s not like there are any more men to sleep with.

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