Dexter recap: Here’s Bobby


December 5, 2012 by Susan Miller

Just kerosene and explosives... no red herrings here.

Just kerosene and explosives… no red herrings here.

This week Hannah called out Dexter on his imaginary dark passenger, as did his imaginary papa, Harry Morgan.  We learned that the suspicious arson investigator was in fact neither the fiery phantom nor Bobby, LaGuerta got a little closer, and Dexter took simultaneously one giant step forward and one ginormous step back.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, ever wonder where the term “red herring” comes from?  According to the OED, the phrase dates back to the early nineteenth century (1800’s for all you non-history/English majors).  In those times, to train fox hounds they would use smoked herring, which when cured in brine turned a rich red and gave off a pungent smell.  The smell could confuse the pups and eventually teach them to follow the weaker scent of the fox.  The more you know…

(In case you couldn’t tell, Steven wrote the opening this week.  Learning is fun!)

Will Hannah find out about her dad?

Steven: She has to, right?  She isn’t dumb.  Nobody who knows this much about poisoning people could be considered dumb.  I also have a strong feeling that something along the same lines as the Bay Harbor Butcher discovery is going to be made.  Clint is at least the 2nd person whose body Dexter has just dropped into the water, no cutting, no bags.  I sort of think she already knows.  It’s like that moment when you’ve eaten something you’re allergic to and you just take another bite and hope for the best.  The damage is done, so she might as well enjoy her Clint-free life.

Susan: I hope she finds out.  Otherwise, this Dad out of the blue storyline is even more annoying and useless.  I kept hoping for a secret turn in the episode.  Maybe he’s a con man!  Maybe Hannah’s a con man too!  Maybe they’re teaming up to con Dexter and Deb!  But alas, no.  He’s mean and dumb and Hannah acts sad and dumb about him and then we have to watch her cry while shoving dirt back in a plant in the absolute worst bit of acting I’ve ever seen on this show.  That’s saying a lot, considering how capital T Terrible Jennifer Carpenter was at the beginning of this series.  The one good thing to come out of this storyline is this Anita Schramm character that could send Hannah to jail for good.  Is there any way this season doesn’t end with Deb trying to lock Hannah up and Dexter trying to set her free?  I think not.  It’s weird new territory for the show and I’m not quite sure I like it yet.

Does Matthews know about Harry’s plan?

Steven: This question I’m particularly intrigued about.  What if he has known all along?  Where will he inevitably stand on the issue?  Certainly he wants his long withheld retirement – as drinking all day isn’t cheap – but there is his longtime friendship with Harry to consider as well.  Did he maybe even help contribute to Dexter’s code in some way?  Revisiting Matthews brings up a myriad of new questions, and I’m really liking it so far.  I could see Dexter killing LaGuerta if she gets in his way, but Matthews?  I don’t think imaginary Harry would approve of getting rid of his old colleague.  Although, Dexter doesn’t seem to be paying too much attention to dear old, imaginary dad these days.

Susan: I think he does.  Why else would he convince LaGuerta to let him talk to Dexter first, on his own?  I think Harry asked Matthews to look out for his kids.  He’s a flawed man, but he’s always had a soft spot for the Morgans.  No way Deb is the Lieutenant without him, however flawed and self-serving his intentions were.  That being said, I’m intrigued about the extent of his knowledge, and how he’ll use Dexter to get what he wants.  He seems to be a few steps ahead of LaGuerta, and could blackmail Dexter into getting his old job back.  I don’t think he’s above selling out LaGuerta, but is he ready for Dexter’s brand of problem solving butchery?  Part of me wants LaGuerta to survive, because I have stopped rooting for Dexter this season.  Also, if she doesn’t, then we just have to watch him be all couple-y with Hannah next season.  Bo-ring.

Stray Thoughts

Remember when I told you Hannah was bad news because she didn’t have a code?  Well this week Dexter abandoned his code and we all thought, yeah!  He’s realized he can help his sister and Miami Metro without leaving a trail of body parts in Hefty bags!  But then he just killed Hannah’s Dad anyway and has realized he can kill who he wants, when he wants, code be damned.  That’s not a good path for anyone.

When it was revealed that the fire investigator was just a creepy Masuka figure I got really, really excited that it might be the mysterious black lady cop.  Alas, it was just some new character who went to juvie.  He had no connection to the story whatsoever.  Is this going to come back?  What was the point of all of that?

Quinn killed George!  Yay!  Can we please stop devoting time to that storyline now?

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