Revenge recap: You killed my father. Prepare to die.

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November 29, 2012 by Susan Miller

Emily and Aiden get bad-assy and sexy and a little murdery

This week on Revenge we went back to 2006 to try and get some answers to all the diverging plot points of this season.  By the end of the hour we learned the origins of Aiden and Ashley (somewhat), the Stowaway story’s eventual goal, Nolan’s previous CFO relationship drama and Victoria’s mommy issues.  Oh, and guess what?  Daniel was actually a decent poet.  Of all the crimes against humanity the Graysons have perpetuated, burning Daniel’s poetry dreams may just be the worst.  But enough about that.  Let’s speculate wildly about Takeda and Ashley.

Why did Takeda’s mission delay Emily 5 years from her Hamptons revenge plot?

Susan: I found it very odd that Emily had the pictures of Conrad and Lydia’s affair way back in 2006.  Does anyone remember the original timeline for this show?  When did she get out of juvie?  How old is she again?  When did her Dad die?  It’s a little hard to believe that Takeda could derail Emily’s mission for 5 years.  I mean, I know she and Aiden fell in love, but for 5 years?  Is that what made her into the hard, focused Emily we know and love?  Wouldn’t she harbor more ill will towards Takeda for distracting her for that long?  I know that Takeda is supposed to be a good guy in all this, hoping to take down the Initiative, but I smell a rat.

Steven: I would trust Takeda with my first born.  In every show with this many crazy plot lines there has to be one North pole to set your compass by and I set mine by Takeda. Now as for the 5 years.  Emily clearly brought her plan to Takeda expecting it to be ready to go.  So, Takeda sends her on this mission to get information from Dmitri about his sex-slave business (have they been watching Dexter too?) in order to teach her an important lesson.  Like Aiden, Emily surely thinks that finding the guilty party and confronting him will resolve the situation.  Dmitri will hand over Aiden’s sister, the Graysons will admit everything and accept their penance, and revenge will be had by all.  Takeda knows better.  What Takeda sees in both situations are very complex problems with many, many guilty parties.  If Emily is going to be successful, she will need much more training and a far more sophisticated plan.  Both of which will require a few years of near-drownings in Japan.  Obviously.

Was Ashley at the club that night to meet Emily?

Susan: I also found it fishy that Ashley just happened to be at the club that night on Emily’s recon mission.  That, plus her sob story about her MFA was too ridiculous to be real, even for this show.  Aiden had that throwaway line about Takeda being such a smart man that he probably planned the whole thing.  What I took from that flashback is that Ashley and Aiden were already working with Takeda, and the whole scheme with Dmitry was designed to get Emily distracted from her revenge plot.  It’s much too convenient for Aiden to have secret family ties to the plane crash and the mobsters and then just happen to end up working with Emily.  I like Aiden, but I think he’s going to break Em’s heart again.

Steven: Here is my crazy idea: Takeda sent Ashley there to be intercepted by Emily.  Emily will then train Ashley to help her survive and also to help Emily in her revenge plot.  That way Emily will think that Ashley is conniving because of Emily’s training, when in actuality Takeda has already trained Ashley long before in order to enter revenge plots such as Emily’s.  This season has taught us that there is more than meets the eye with Ashley.  I’m willing to bet that goes for Emily’s perception of Ashley as well.

Stray thoughts

So now Nolan is going to be caught in a CFO love triangle?  I guess that makes his storyline this season marginally more interesting.

The Victoria story was pure soap perfection.  Flashback within a flashback, guns, pretty ladies, bad men, cruise ship stories, fights at the dinner table and people storming about.  It was great fun and shaded in Victoria’s back story nicely.  I feel like they’re trying to humanize her a bit too much this year though.  It’d really be okay if she were just straight up cruel.  I’m good with that.

We got more explanation on the Stowaway story, but unfortunately, it didn’t make it more interesting.  I’m hoping this plot wraps up in next week’s winter finale.  It was great to see Sammy the Wonder Dog again though.  Jack always looked best with that dog.

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