Homeland recap: Come with me if you want to live


November 29, 2012 by Susan Miller

Brody finally finds a payphone in 1997

This week on Homeland, Peter wore two hats, though they were both decidedly anti-Brody.  Nazir dropped Brody off in Baltimore, after a quick debrief and prayer session and then Brody called Carrie to ask that his kids be moved to a safe location.  Lots of people argued about truths and lies and plans and decoys in dark stairwells and in the end, Carrie was wrong and the man with the unidentifiable face paid the ultimate price.  Oh, and Max and Virgil finally got busy on their recon mission, breaking into Peter’s apartment and discovering that he lives like a criminal, ready to jump at a moment’s notice, reads Great Expectations, has a baby mama in law enforcement, and answers to some man on a bus played by F. Murray Abraham.  I wish I could tell you what that meant but the best I can come up with is Estes.  Confused?  Let’s continue.

So… can we trust Brody yet?

Susan: I don’t think we’ll get the truth out of Brody until his dying words.  And it’ll probably be something like “I’m not the real Brody.  Go back to that hole where you found me.”  And then the whole series will reboot again.  Oh, and that will happen at the end of this season.  Either that, or Mike will pull off his face and he’ll be the real Brody and then Dana will run him down with her car and it’ll just turn into the most epic of all Friday the 13th movies.  How cool would that be?

Real talk: I don’t think we can trust Brody because of the way the scene was set up.  We only saw Abu Nazir in flashbacks, through Brody’s story.  We know he omitted the praying part.  We know the praying part is important since Nazir’s departing words to Brody were about Allah.  Also, Brody has never been that quick to action before.  He’s back on a mission, and it’s not the CIA mission, because the CIA mission makes him throw temper tantrums.

Steven: I’m going to go out on another limb and say no, no no!  Brody and Carrie are perfect for each other, dynamically, for the simple reason that they are both bi-polar.  For Carrie, I mean this quite literally in that we never see her acting like a normal, balanced person; she is always either swallowing pills and taking a nap or laughing maniacally as she flees a crowded Palestinian marketplace.  In Brody’s case I am being metaphorical.  His two poles are the nation of the United States and all of its inherent ideologies, and the terrorist group al-Qaeda and all its inherent vest-bombs.  I’m being unfair, they also use religion to confuse people into vest-bombs.  So there’s that.  Because Brody moves so cleanly from one to the other – never settling in a nice normal middle-zone, perhaps in Oregon – I will never trust him.  Brody is either being honest and committing the CIA or he is lying and helping the terrorists… always.  Therefore, we cannot trust whatever Brody puts in front of us.  (As Vizzini taught us long ago.)

Are Estes and Walden playing the CIA?

Susan: Oh my goodness the Estes/F. Murray Abraham/Quinn story line is confusing.  They have to have had some part in getting Abu Nazir in the country.  I think that was the whole reason for having that scene with Walden, Estes and Brody together in Brody’s office.  Sure, we were supposed to be watching Brody to see if he could lie under pressure, but I think Walden and Estes were also lying and that everyone in that room knew something the audience didn’t.  I’m hoping that’s the case anyway.  I’m hoping it’s one of those scenes that we’ll look back on after the season ends and it will have all kinds of hidden layers.  He was dead the whole time!  Only one set of silverware!  Etc, etc.

Steven: I have to agree with Susan here.  I have a feeling that Walden has known for a very long time about Brody.  I couldn’t help but notice how odd Brody was acting in that office scene.  He didn’t seem to be reacting at all, but Walden was acting surprised.  Not caring how stiff Brody seemed, Walden played it out like he was surprised (from my perspective) and didn’t even comment on Brody.  There was a lot of tension in that office and it wasn’t coming strictly from Brody and Estes.  That’s all I’m saying.

I also think Estes will turn out to be working with the Super-Secret CIA, whose current mission is to neutralize Brody and get Walden into the presidency.  From there, Walden will be able to reward everyone included in the SSCIA and also cover up all of the hit and runs he wants.  Power!

Stray Thoughts

Part of me hopes that Brody dies at the end of the season because his poor family is so much happier with Mike.  He humanized Dana so much that she actually helped Chris with his homework!  And then made breakfast in the morning!  If he can convince Jessica to get rid of that terrible hair style, I’m christening him Superman.  Which means he’ll be next season’s villain.  Dang it.

I hate that Peter’s secret mission had to involve a new character.  To make matters worse, he’s practically a Saul clone.  It’s already confusing enough, guys.  Couldn’t you just bring back Carver instead?

Speaking of Carver, are we ever going to hear anything more about Galvez?  Are we just supposed to assume that he died, quietly, off screen?  Yikes, Galvez.  I guess the writers really didn’t want to address the mole story line this year.

One thought on “Homeland recap: Come with me if you want to live

  1. DrFrood says:

    Funny you mention the 2 hats thing, and the mole storyline… Only thing is, I’ve always hated Mike, he just has a smackable face. Until he laid the smackdown on Dana, who used to be one of my fav characters until the whole hit n run thing.


    I heart Homeland, it’s brilliant.

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