Dexter recap: Fried Green Tomatoes

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November 29, 2012 by Susan Miller

The only mystery now is the origin of mysterious black lady cop. Introduce yourself, woman!

This week on Dexter, we say goodbye to Isaak in the most disappointing way possible, Quinn’s storyline gets worse, Batista has health code violations, LaGuerta teams up with the snaky Captain Matthews, Dexter excuses Deb’s love and Deb plays obedient puppy to pretty much everyone except herself.  Oh, and there’s a new mysterious serial arsonist that is almost certainly the creepy fire investigator, but that will be a COMPLETE TWIST THAT WE NEVER SEE COMING.  Real talk: it wasn’t the greatest episode, but it was still better than that one about key lime pie.

What’s with Hannah’s weird look at the end of the episode?

Susan: Are Dexter and Hannah the fun kind of commitment phobes like Barney and Robin or the scary kind of commitment phobes like Tim and Tyra?  Even though Hannah spent most of the episode chained up in a strange man’s house with a professional killer, Dexter’s declaration of love appeared to terrify her the most.  I fear Dexter’s heart is about to be broken.  I might be more sad about that, but he spent most of this episode being a selfish jerk to Deb and not mentioning Rita’s death as one of his most terrifying moments.  Maybe a broken heart will give him some much needed perspective.  If Dexter does end up brokenhearted, I’m going to blame Isaak and say that he gave him bad deathbed advice to curse him for killing Viktor.  That villain to friendship turn happened way too quickly.

Steven: I am concerned that Hannah is not into Dexter as much as he is into her.  Remember what happened with Lila?  With her he was only driven by lust and a sense of understanding, but now it is actual love.  If lust could get him and all of his family almost burned alive, then what sorts of perils does love have in store for him?  In the normal world, when you love someone you put yourself out there as vulnerable as can be, knowing all the while that you risk getting hurt.  I can only wonder what the equivalent of this is in serial killer world.  (I’m guessing it’s the risk of getting serial killed.)  While I won’t go so far as to say that I think Dexter should have his heart broken, it did annoy me that he didn’t include Rita in his scaredest moments.  It reminds us how unfeeling a serial killer can be, which is the other reason Hannah concerns me.  This entire show has taught us that it’s difficult for serial killers to care, so what happens when Dexter finally does care and his love is not reciprocated?  I’ll spoil the surprise for you: terrible things.

Can the new serial arsonist be anyone except the creepy fire guy?

Susan: Why do we need another serial killer plot this late in the season?  Is this new creepy fire investigator going to take the fall for the Bay Harbor Butcher if LaGuerta gets too close?  Couldn’t we just focus more on the Koshka brotherhood or not kill off Isaak so soon?  Why do we have all of Batista’s restaurant story line delivered in bits of dialogue at crime scenes?  This seems like an unnecessary complication, with a super obvious villain.  What’s the point?

Steven: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no.  Although he does make a nice foil for Dexter.  Every time they lock eyes it’s like a dog looking into a mirror.  “Is that me?  Hey, hey, I think that’s me!”

Stray Thoughts

Quinn and George and Nadia are the worst.  I was hoping that Isaak would kill them all in a blaze of glory, ala Scarface, but now that Isaak’s dead I’m afraid they’re going to outlast everyone.  The boring and useless shall inherit Miami.

Why, exactly, does Deb help Dexter find and rescue Hannah?  Methinks Deb still likes Dexter like Dexter likes M&Ms. I hope Matthews has some actual dirt on the Morgans via Harry instead of just suspicions from his time around the kids.  Some new information about Harry’s past would be fun and new and interesting.  If not, this is all just filler until next season.

I’ve been completely spoiled by TV on DVD, and this point in the season always gets to me the most.  To combat that stressful, nervous, energy, Steven and I came up with an exercise game.  Base exercise: run in place.  During Harry scenes, do jumping jacks until he disappears again.  Drop and do 5 push-ups every time Deb swears.  It’s surprisingly effective and fun, though it does make you realize just how long those opening credits are.

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