Homeland recap: Let’s Stay Together


November 20, 2012 by Susan Miller

Did you know that the CIA has designated hotels? Now you do.

This week on Homeland, Brody and Carrie hook up, Mike and Dana make amends, Jessica and Brody engage in some epic eye acting and Abu Nazir is back and more clean shaven than ever.

Does Abu Nazir know that Brody is working for the CIA?

Steven: He ought to by now, right? I understand that we need to do some suspension of disbelief, but I can’t help but notice that some information makes it to Nazir and Roya immediately and that other bits get conveniently clogged along the way. Especially since some seem rather inconsequential – remember that location information that Brody hijacked from Estes’ safe, the ones that were never used again? – while other, plot shifting information, never gets to Nazir. So, as a viewer of the show, I hope that Nazir does know and that Brody is going to be in a whole new kind of vice grip of espionage-y pressure. As a pessimist, I think Nazir does not know, he’ll just act suspicious, because really why would they keep Brody alive if they knew he had been compromised? I might just cut my losses if I were Nazir. What good is having your own personal politician if the guy doesn’t have any power?

Susan: First, let’s just take a moment to remember that I called this last week and recognize that I am amazing and brilliant and smarter than you.

Now that that’s out of the way, I don’t think Nazir knows.  Or maybe he does know and he wants Brody to become a triple agent.  Given Brody’s award-winning temper tantrum at the top of this week’s episode, that is clearly the best option ever.  Everything involving Nazir has always been tough to swallow.  Would he really have allowed Brody to live after not deploying the bomb?  Was Brody more valuable to him than Walker?  Did he really think he could trust him after that, especially once he found out about his relationship with Carrie?  You would think a terrorist would need to be a little more cutthroat with his assets, but the show has always bent over backwards to make him a nice guy who is just hoping to avenge his son’s death.  Otherwise, Brody’s too hard to root for and you lose the complicated relationship at the heart of the show.  So there’s no way, really, for Nazir to be a successfully plausible character.

Where did the mole go?

Steven: I hope hope hope he comes back. My wifey has spent so much time speculating and searching the faces of new agents for signs of double-agent-ness. I also don’t like the idea that they would just drop something that big, especially since it’s been mentioned in this season too. There seems to be a lot of looking the other way in these last few episodes and I wonder if it isn’t laziness. Am I being too harsh? Perhaps. Still, I can’t help but feel that characters are acting in the best interest of the show continuing. Why take Brody by helicopter to meet with Nazir? If the CIA is tracking Brody’s every movement and by extension every movement of Roya’s, then couldn’t they have a plane follow the helicopter? Is this some new, speed-of-light copter developed by al-Qaeda? If not, then how in the world is that a good plan? I say “good plan” because it outsmarts the CIA. I am nostalgic for the days when nobody knew anything that was going on. It made Brody’s evasion and Nazir’s plans seem plausible. Why would anyone other than Carrie want to bug Brody’s house? Why would Nazir doubt Brody’s ability to carry out a plan? Now, everybody knows the score and we have to pretend that they are either forgetful, unprepared or only gathering information marked by their enemies as “Less Than Urgent.” At this point, everybody should either be on the same page, or we need to somehow go back to the days where only Carrie knew everything and people refused to believe her, because disbelief needs to at least be accompanied by some form of logic, and I am beginning to lose my logic.

Susan: Have they mentioned the mole this season?  I don’t think they have.  I think I’m the only person still concerned about it, and therefore, infecting those around me.  (It’s like Alvin B. Gutierrez’ roofing hammer all over again.) I really hope we get back to it, because it’s a secret, and as Steven mentioned, this show works best when there are secrets.  It was such a big topic last season, and one that they promised to address this season.  I feel like they didn’t have an answer, so they plot bombed us in the first half of the season hoping we would forget.  But I refuse to forget Carver or the mole. REFUSE!

Stray Thoughts

This helicopter business is essentially the same as last season’s kidnapping in the parking garage, just on a grander scale.  They’ll talk, we’ll learn something about Brody’s back story, he’ll go back home and answer hard questions from Jessica with lies and we’ll gear up for the end of the season.  It kind of feels like the writers have stalled, which isn’t surprising, considering the amount of plot they crammed into the first 8 episodes.

I liked the Mike and Dana pairing this week.  I still think too much screen time is devoted to the hit and run story, which should be finally, finally over now, right?  But it was a nice way to bring Mike back into the fold.  Look, floundering plot lines/characters!  When we put you together you’re only mildly annoying/distracting.  Yay teamwork.

Remember how in season 2 of Chuck, every conflict was created by Chuck getting out of the car after Casey and Sarah told him to stay in the car?  I feel like we’re seeing that again with Carrie.  Now that she’s outside of their jurisdiction, she can basically ignore direct orders without retribution.  It’s a lazy plot device, and, again, you’d think that Saul and Peter would be smart enough to stop sending her on missions or Virgil and Max would be smart enough to stop listening to her.  Come on guys.  I know she has a legendary cryface, but you’re in the CIA.  Man up.

One thought on “Homeland recap: Let’s Stay Together

  1. […] Elsewhere, Emily and Aiden sent a video of Ashley hooking up with Conrad to Victoria.  Victoria then used the video to blackmail Ashley into seducing Latin American investor Salvador for a Conrad board-vote.  Emily and Aiden saw this, of course, and used the situation to clue in Daniel on Ashley’s presence in Salvador’s hotel room, thus securing the vote for Daniel.  Nolan was tricked out of the controlling stake in his own company by information given to him by long-fired Marco who Nolan then hired.  Also, there was some shenanigans down by the docks.  AND, I made the shocking realization that this week’s Revenge was way more realistic than this week’s Homeland!  (I would’ve been more shocked, but to be fair there have been several weeks of foreshadowing.) […]

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