Dexter recap: The End of Brotherly Love

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November 20, 2012 by Susan Miller

Mmmm, omelets and kill strategies. Tasty.

In a surprisingly chatty episode, Deb blurts out her romantic feelings for Dexter, Isaak gets emotional in an upscale gay bar, Dexter’s kids magically reappear and LaGuerta’s suspicions grow after she hangs out at the docks.  Dexter’s troubles are a-growing, and for the first time ever, we have no idea where this season is headed.  Yay!

Is Dex going to take Hannah out for a kill?

Steven: I have been assuming that this will be the next step in their relationship.  It has to be the serial killer version of consummating the relationship, right?  I am, however, somewhat worried that what we’ll see will mirror what happened with the shower curtain couple.  That is, that Hannah will get carried away and lose it, and Dex will have to re-evaluate the woman he’s chosen.  So far, he has done very little to get himself put away for life – dock-algae aside – but a loose-canon partner might be the very mistake that puts Dex away for good.  Just think what might happen if Hannah goes at a target pre-shrinkwrap?  I could see her DNA finding its way under the nails of said target pretty easily.  I want her to take on Dexter’s code and for them to live happily ever after, but Hannah is still largely a mystery to me.

Susan: I hope not.  We’ve already seen that with Miguel and Lumen and I think the show is really trying to not fall into old patterns.  However, I did really like their strategy session about Isaak, with Hannah gently reminding Dexter to go back to the code and do his research.  I especially supported that since I still didn’t know if poor dead Viktor was Isaak’s lover or son.  (Turned out to be lover.  Shoot!)  Rather than take her on a kill with him, I think they might be setting up this story line as an escape for Dexter.  The title of this episode was “Argentina,” we got a glimpse of Hannah’s Argentina calendar, and Isaak mentioned that he’ll need to run off somewhere soon and live out his days anonymously, no kill tools required.  Is that where this season will end?  Is that where the series will end?  Seems to be problematic, now that all of his kids are back in the picture, but Jamie does seem to be a remarkably competent and cheerful nanny. Dexter must be seriously loaded.

Has the last word been spoken about the unspeakable love story between Deb and Dexter?

Steven: That would be convenient, wouldn’t it?  Deb could get on with getting well adjusted, Dex could pursue his relationship with Hannah, and maybe Deb could turn her eros for Dex as a man into some storage for Dex and his slew of children.  (Somebody needs to watch those kids while he and Hannah are out cleaning up the streets of Miami.)  The Deb/Dexter plot is a difficult one.  In some ways it reminds of the 1995 hit, Clueless, in which Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher falls for her step-brother Josh, played by Paul Rudd.  However, we get the sense, because of their closeness, that it’s more like the less quirky relationship between Joaquin Phoenix’s character and his real sister played by Connie Nielsen.  Still, one can’t help but feel sympathy for Deb whose romantic choices have all gone south within the same season they’ve arisen.  My favorite line from this week’s episode is from Deb to Dex: You’re a serial killer, and I’m more f’d up than you!

Susan: It seems like they’re done with it now.  I was proud and terrified for the writers and actors in that scene.  I’m glad they didn’t just try to bury it and move on.  And really, that’s all the story ever needed to be.  Say it out loud, to Dexter, watch him look freaked out and confused, realize how crazy it is, and then try to move past it.  It’s like that scene in Friends, after Ross marries Emily and Rachel is convinced that she has to tell Ross how she feels and everyone tells her not to.  Sure, they could’ve carried that out all season as a secret (which they did with Ross in the first season), but by that point in the series, she could just tell him, instantly realize how stupid it was and get over it.  It ended up tying in nicely with the conflict with Hannah and Dexter’s murdery habits but I still don’t think it was necessary.  Props to the writers for making the best of a bad situation.  Now move forward and don’t create any more bad situations.

Stray Thoughts

LaGuerta’s getting closer and closer and Deb has no idea.  Hasn’t she ever heard of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?  Again, the key to busting this whole thing open is Batista, who has links to the inner workings of the Dexter household via Jamie.  We saw LaGuerta give Batista an individual attaboy for the restaurant… is the reunion coming soon?

Let Quinn be a lesson to all you kids out there: one bad deed will require another.  As the classic children’s book taught us: If you accept dirty money from a drug king, chances are he’ll record your conversation.  Quinn is so stupid it hurts.

It’s nice that Dexter is getting a soul mate in Hannah, but what about Deb?  Hasn’t she suffered enough?  If you can’t find love after finally confessing your secret love for your brother, when can you?  Maybe the scariest aspect of this show is that Deb and Quinn were destined for each other after all.  Yikes.

Steven’s PIGI: Dexter and God

In the book series, beginning with Dexter Dreaming Darkly, the dark passenger is an entity unto itself, possibly an offspring of Moloch (mentioned in Leviticus and Deuteronomy as a false god of the Canaanites and Phoenicians) who enjoys entering the bodies of certain humans in order to kill.  In the TV series, this dark passenger is more of a metaphorical presence, closer to the inner-voice of addicts. In the first version, Dexter is possessed by a false-god. In the latter, he is addicted to murdering.

What solutions does he really have in light of these two possible sources of his problem?  In the case of Moloch’s offspring, Dexter has less than no power to resist.  The only possible hope he has is an equally powerful entity to repel the god.  If it is an addiction, Dexter is unfortunately in the same predicament.  His nature is to sin/indulge, and so some rationale will always arise within his mind to lead him back to the needle… I mean butcher knife.  Dexter, of and by himself, will never be able to stop killing.  Any hope he has will have to arise from a power greater than himself.  The Judeo-Christian God or the Higher Power of NA, something will have to assist him out of this hole he’s dug.  My only question is whether he’ll do it from his Miami condo or from the inside of a Florida corrections facility, awaiting a lethal injection.  I do hope it’s the prior.

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