Revenge recap: The end of NolCorp?

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November 15, 2012 by Susan Miller

Please, evil Initiative. Give this show stakes again.

Hmm.  So Kara’s arc is done, NolCorp is dead, the Initiative carries chloroform, Kenny has a brother, Conrad still loves Victoria, Emily looks pretty, pretty in black, Mason’s in jail until the show needs him, Amanda’s grown tired of the revenge game and Aiden got some action.  I want to love this show as much as season one, but it’s just not coming together.  What am I missing, readers?

Are those Target commercials going to be relevant to the plot later on?

Susan: Obviously.  Nothing on Revenge or the commercials during Revenge would ever be a waste of time or money.  Clearly, Nolan has decided to start a clothing line at the behest of Padma now that the Initiative and dum-dum Daniel have all his money.  Nolan with a clothing line, throwing secret warehouse parties is a much better fit for him than tech tycoon.  The warehouse party did kind of remind me of the original 90210 in the later years when they opened that club behind the Peach Pit.  Now that show was crazy.

Steven: I’m going to revert back to my advertising days for a moment and applaud the young ad man or woman who came up with this clever DVR work around.  “They’ll be so anxious about missing something that I bet they won’t fast forward at all,” the pitch must have gone.  It used to be that they just made commercials louder.  Boring.  Now they’re integrating the characters and story lines of the show you’re watching into the commercials.  Brilliant!  Not only did we not fast forward through these, but we watched them as closely as we watched the actual show.  Bravo.

Now to be a regular person again:  What the deuce, ABC!  It’s bad enough that smack dab in the middle of New Girl FOX placed a flipping Ford Fusion commercial, now the characters are working their way into the commercials?  I am curious though as to what Nolan and the girl in black leather will do next.  Test out a series of ineffectual dish soaps until they find the perfect one, and try to force Mason Treadwell to write the real story about which detergent really gets those water spots out?  It could be anything!

What’s up with that brief convo between Kenny and his brother Nate?

Susan: Oof.  This story line refuses to die.  Instead of just killing it and walking away, they keep introducing new complications that are even more confusing and less compelling.  I don’t think it can be salvaged, because the foundation is so weak, and it’s a real shame.  I miss Jack the bartender, gossiping with Nolan and watching Grayson news on TV.  That’s really all the story had to be.  There are now three new characters in this story line that have never been properly introduced, and have no real connection to anyone else on the show.  If Jack’s Dad doesn’t turn out to be a member of the Initiative, this story will be as useless as those Target commercials.

Steven: The sheer number of competing agendae troubles me.  It’s fine to have the Communists and the Democracies and the Nazis, because then people can at least pair up.  By this point in the show, however, they’ve thrown in a Dictatorship, a Theocracy, a band of monkeys that formed a small commune on an island off of Australia.  I simply can’t keep track of who is on whom’s (is that grammatically correct?) side.

Stray Thoughts

Is that really the last we’ll see of Kara?  Did they just bring her on and realize everything got too complicated so they cut her loose?  Seems like an odd way to construct the season, especially now with Mason in jail until Emily decides she needs him again.  Why keep all these people waiting in the wings, just in case?  It gives me that unsettling feeling that the writers aren’t quite sure where to go next.

The most promising story from last week was Ashley’s possible secret past.  No mention of that this week.  Please come back next week.

Aiden is growing on me, but I still don’t like the way Emily’s feelings for him wildly fluctuate to fit the plot of the week.  Emily of season 1 was so sure of herself and had careful plans that she never deviated from.  Emily of season 2 is flying by the seat of her pants and letting people fall off balconies and brain writers with crow bars and hold Conrad and Victoria at gunpoint.  Just decide and get on with it, Em.  The Hamptons is floundering without your unwavering center!

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