Dexter recap: Oh No She Didn’t!

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November 14, 2012 by Susan Miller

Let the competition begin.

Did anyone else see that coming?  I knew Deb wouldn’t approve of Hannah (especially since that whole mostly forgotten incest plotline) but I had no idea that she would ask Dexter to kill her.  Yowza.  Bravo to the writers for coming up with that nifty twist.  Unfortunately, it seems like it’s also a convenient way to bring back that mostly forgotten incest storyline, but whatever.  As long as it’s tangential to the killing, I can deal.  This is an unbelievably wacky show.

In the end who will Dexter side with, family or a shot at love?

Steven: This is the really big question of this season for me, and perhaps of the entire series.  Why do we inevitably stay with Dexter after the first season?  I would argue that it is because he sides not with his murdery brother but with his upright(ish) sister.  He chooses the love of family over the convenient love of a stranger who understands.  Hannah McKay provides another shot to test Dexter’s mettle.  Will Dexter be able to resist so much temptation wrapped into one blonde package?  I’m not sure.   In fact, I’m not sure about Hannah at all.  If she truly understands him, is in essence his soul mate, then I want him to be with her, to finally have normal person happiness, no knives required.  However, if this chemistry is nothing more than hedonism with rose-tinted glasses, then their relationship will only end disastrously a la Sid and Nancy, Jesse Pinkman and his Jane, or Rory and Logan — I still can’t believe you made sweet Rory steal that boat.

Susan: It’s still amazing to me that I can like Matt Czuchry on The Good Wife after being introduced to the actor as Logan Huntzberger on Gilmore Girls.  What a sleaze, with his failed internet company and his family issues and his secret fraternity.  Rory should have ended up with Marty, but instead our dear friend Krysten Ritter got the job, completing the link between Gilmore Girls and Breaking Bad forever.  Ah, TV.

Anyway… I have a bad feeling about Hannah.  What’s up with her challenging Dexter’s code?  What kind of person kills her husband just because he wants her to get an abortion?  And then magically miscarries?  What kind of person kills some sweet old lady who runs a flower shop just because she wanted to run the flower shop?  Not someone who is just trying to survive.  How can you not see through the obvious BS, Dexter?  Has she poisoned you already and we don’t even know it?   Deb may have truly tragic taste in men, but when it comes to morality, she’s always right.  If Deb says to kill her, you better kill her.

Is Quinn finally going to do something interesting, or will it just be more troublesome plot points?

Steven: Yes and/or the Koshka brotherhood will dispose of this wiry attitude of a character.  But he gave Batista $10,000 to open his bar.  Yes, and with drug money. I’m sure the karma on that cash won’t be bad.  It would be just like Quinn to make Batista’s dream come true and then it turn out to be a bankrupting, nightmare of a dream.  When we first met Quinn he was just straight up corrupt, buying football tickets to keep Dexter quiet.  Now, he wants to be a good cop but he’s continuing to work for the Koshkas.  This is a pet peeve of mine.  Either have the character battle out the moral impossibility of being good, or have him go the opposite direction, sinking deeper and deeper into the muck.  A character who says, “I wish I was good” is boring to me. In fact, it annoys the bejesus out of me.  At least Dexter is still battling out whether or not he can go without killing for good.  I believe that when he discovers the truth – that he can be relieved of his obsession – he will be.  Otherwise I will be none-too-pleased.

Susan: Ugh, Quinn.  Just get killed already, would you?  You’re about as useful as that random girl cop that keeps showing up at crime scenes that no one has introduced.  Seriously – who is that lady?  Why is she on the show?  This week she got a line, but still seems incredibly useless.  Is this some sort of epic trick?  Is she undercover?  I hope so.  It would somewhat validate the inordinate amount of time I spend thinking about her.  As for Quinn, he’s 18 tons of dead weight and I really, really hope that Batista cashes that check soon.  As we learned on Breaking Bad, the government can and will seize your bank roll once they catch on to your drug connections,  but there’s nothing they can do about the cash that’s already dispersed.  Get out while you still can, Angel!

Stray Thoughts

Want to know which character you are?  Take the quiz.  (Hint, you won’t get Quinn, because he is useless.)

I like that Dexter is getting so many serial killery friends this season.  First Hannah, now Isaak.  It’s really too bad that they couldn’t team up together and kill bad guys.  Ray Stevenson is killing it in that role, while Yvonne Strahovski is mostly just eye candy.  How much longer can they really keep both of them alive?  Are there any other twists this story can take?  I’ll be sad to see him go.  He’s the biggest legitimate threat to Dexter since Doakes.

Sal Price was a means to an end, that end of course was getting Deb to accept and request Dexter’s dark passenger.  I still think it was deployed too quickly and I really don’t like Deb’s quick turn-around.  Also, Sal kind of bombed as a character.  I appreciated Deb’s put-downs of his mega cheesy compliments though.  That actually made me cheer a bit.  Still, his arc was poorly handled and makes me doubt the writers ability to plot out a compelling 13 episode story.  Remember how Trinity was so cool and creepy at the beginning and then stretched out to nothing for the middle chunk of episodes before ending with that chilling final scene?  That season would have been marked a complete failure if not for that twist.  Can they do it again here?  Let’s just hope they’re not banking on Quinn’s death to hold the same emotional resonance.

After much speculation, research, and helpful conversation with co-workers (thanks, Brenda!), it was determined that LaGuerta was looking at lists of people in the police department who own boats.  Is LaGuerta finally remembering that Doakes didn’t have a boat, and therefore would find it extremely difficult to be the Bay Harbor Butcher?  Will that story line please heat up at a slightly faster pace?  Is it weird that I immediately recognized LaGuerta’s house from the outside and felt a pang of nostalgia?  I’m going to miss this kooky show so much.

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