Homeland recap: Who’s the mole now, dawg?

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November 6, 2012 by Susan Miller

You know what’s even more annoying than getting shot and playing dead? Knowing that Carrie was right again.

Just in time for Steven Spielberg’s new Lincoln movie, we get Homeland’s version of the Gettysburg Address.  Homeland’s version involves secret meetings by fountains, terrorists that can evade facial recognition, bad guys who actually make their shots and lots of fretting.  Lots and lots and lots of fretting.

Will Jessica share Mike’s theories with Brody?

Susan: I think so.  I’m a little surprised that Mike didn’t react more to the news that Brody was working for the CIA.  I’m pretty sure Jessica will tell Brody, it will create a fight, Brody will run to Carrie, and they’ll let their relationship get personal again, just in time to make everything unstable again.  The real question is – will Jessica team up with Mike and Lauder to form the most unlikely detective trio in television history?  That scene with Lauder and Mike in the tunnel was so absurd.  I loved it.  Keep the weird humor coming, Gansa and Gordon.  We see you and we like it.

Steven: I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here, being a man.  If the roles were reversed, I think that Brody would absolutely not share any theory big or small with Jessica.  Can I be a sexist here for a second and say that women are more prone to be honest?  This makes me agree with my wifey about Jessica telling Brody.  It also makes me very nervous (yet again) about Carrie.  What was up with her rushing into Brody’s office?  I don’t think there was a plan there at all this time.  I feel like the climax of this season is going to be Brody + Carrie instead of Brody vs. Carrie.  I don’t have any earthly idea what that sort of climax could be, but I feel like it’s coming.

Why bring Carver in just to get shot?

Susan: I was so happy to see Carver this week, to validate my previous Bi-Polar Wire spin-off theory.  Then they up and shoot him before he has a chance to do or say anything!  What’s up with that?  Surely he’s a big enough star that he had to survive, right?  Or was it just a cheeky aside to those fans who saw the connection?  If so, bravo.  I’m still mad that I don’t get more Carver action in my life, but I guess I’ll just watch this a couple hundred more times.

As for the rest of the Gettysburg massacre, I hope we find out more about the mechanics of that attack.  Did they have someone watching the store? Is Galvez really dead?  Does that mean he wasn’t the mole?  Did Peter know it was coming?  Will we learn more about the new guy that facial recognition couldn’t identify?  I can barely keep up with the breakneck pace this season.

Steven: Quoth the Omar, “All in the game, yo.  All in the game.”

Stray Thoughts

I don’t trust Carrie one little bit anymore.  She is clearly, desperately, jonesin’ for Brody and it’s so unprofessional and uncomfortable.  No wonder Saul barely checks in at the secret Wire headquarters.

Are we ever going to revisit the Roya and Estes love connection?  Was that just a one-off in the first episode that they decided not to follow up on?  Seems like a wasted opportunity.  I would’ve liked to see Estes in that situation before finding out about her connections.  Or will he be asked to get closer to her?  Can the head of the CIA still do field work?  That’s a fun idea.

Is Brody’s house still under CIA surveillance?  If so, they might want to check in on Mike and Jessica’s conversations in the living room.  While they’re at it, they might want to check in on Dana and get this whole Finn situation resolved.  It feels like a huge distraction right now, and instead of being interesting, it’s starting to feel like a time suck.  I like Dana, and the actress does a great job of portraying a very conflicted character, but Finn isn’t a worthy partner for her.  Cut him loose and get her more scenes with Brody and Jessica.  Those are her acting equals.

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