Dexter recap: The One Where Dexter Goes on a Date

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November 6, 2012 by Susan Miller

Ah yes. Snowflakes and syringes. So romantic.

You had to go meandering, didn’t you Dexter? It must have felt strange, to write so many episodes without terrible Harry dialogue and simplistic plots and pointless characters. I admire your courage in getting rid of Louis so early, but then you reward us with Sal Price? Couldn’t Dexter have discovered Hannah’s secrets without a reporter with a very convenient file filled with back story? It’s not that this episode was particularly bad… it’s just that it seemed a little familiar. Dexter seems to be a little overcrowded this season, which has been refreshing, for the most part. I’m just hoping the middle of this season does more than chew on the fat they’ve created before getting down to business at the end of the season. You’ve shown that you can do so much more! Don’t get lazy now!

What will it take for Deb to turn on Dexter?

Susan: I think it’s going to be Hannah. If we’re to believe that Deb still has icky, non-sisterly feelings for Dexter, then she will be mighty jealous of Hannah, in addition to pissed that she’s getting away with murder. Then you have her new boy-toy, Sal Price, also chasing down Hannah and that’s too much for Dexter to overcome. It probably won’t boil over until the end of the season, but I think Dexter will have to choose between them, or Hannah will have to save Deb’s life.

Steven: I’m not exactly sure at this point.  I can see her circling around Hannah because of creepyish Sal Price.  (Okay, I know that he’s sober, and that this fact will play a huge role in my understanding of this season, but right off the bat I don’t think I like him very much.  Too much straw chewing maybe.)  I could see her getting jealous over Hannah.  I could also see Hannah being the straw that breaks the camel’s back — one too many serial killers in her family.  However, I could also see Deb accepting them both, and Hannah and Dexter becoming this perfect, happy, serial-killery couple.  I know, I know, I’m a hopeless romantic, but a man can dream.

Hey Sal Price – what’s your vice?

Susan: It’s never a good sign when Deb gets a love interest. She has an uncanny ability to pick the worst of humankind to snuggle up with, and this Sal character seems very untrustworthy. I’m a little suspicious of his past with Hannah. I think he might be a spurned lover who got away. I’m interested to see their first interaction, and I wonder how long the show will draw that out. Either way, if he’s interested in Deb, and she likes him back, he’s bad news.

Steven: I think Sal’s vice is going to be simpler than that.  Pride.  Or some variation.  Maybe vanity over his writing.  I’ve been told that some writers can become quite vain over their work… I, of course, have no personal experience, but I’ve heard.  This could cause Sal to do any number of unspeakable things.  Maybe he is just using Deb, trying to get her to do some of the dirtier detective work for his new book.  That would be a new twist, somebody outright using Deb for his own ends.  Oh, I guess there was Dexter’s brother Brian, aka The Ice Truck Killer.  So, if Brian is Dexter’s brother and Deb is Dexter’s sister, does that mean Deb has already had an icky, non-sisterly relationship with her kin?  I know we spend a lot of time discussing what’s the matter with Dexter, but also what’s up with Deb?

Stray Thoughts

I know that it was too tempting for the writers to not turn Dexter’s kill table into his sex table eventually, this being Showtime and all, but it was still weird and kind of cheesy. I get it, and I get that you can’t not, if given the opportunity, but still. I have a hard time believing that’s something Dexter would do.

What’s up with this Batista retirement story line? I got a pang of anxiety when he was having lunch with Jamie, because I suddenly remembered that they’re related. (All these people have seen enough suspicious activity to sink Dexter, but no one is paying any attention or asking the right questions.) I hope Batista doesn’t retire. He’s my favorite member of Miami Metro not named Morgan.

They finally circled back to Lumen! I was so happy when LaGuerta mentioned the barrel girls. I love the way the show is sneakily weaving in past story lines (like Batista and his hooker problem) without distracting from the current plot. (HIMYM – are you taking notes?) Now I wonder how, if at all, they can bring up season 3 and Miguel Prado. Some seasons are just too problematic to rescue, I guess. Do you think LaGuerta will be able to track down Lumen? Will she finally talk to Trinity’s family? That story line has me intrigued the most. I think it’s a slow play for next season.

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