Dexter recap: Hello, handsome

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October 29, 2012 by Susan Miller

Dexter sure flirts funny.

The show sends Isaak to jail, thus clearing the path for some other enemies to catch up.  How many people will be chasing the Morgans by the end of the season?  And will they finally pull the trigger and get rid of the dead weight (Quinn) once and for all?  Whatever happens, they’ve certainly earned my loyalty.

Hannah McKay: Does Dexter want to kill her or date her?

Susan: Date her.  I’d hate to see this season revert so quickly to the old “Dexter makes Deb’s job harder by stealing all her cases for his killing sprees” plot.  I loved that he had to admit to Deb that he found Viktor’s fingerprint, didn’t tell her, and killed him on his own.  I also loved that Deb then realized that the innocent bartender died because of Dexter obstructing justice.  Somehow, that didn’t seem to faze Dexter.  This season has done a really good job of slowly bringing all the plots together to heighten the tension around Deb and Dexter’s secret.  Now that they’re both in it together, the stakes are higher and the mistakes and potential enemies are piling up.

But back to the question.  I think that Dexter is attracted to Hannah, and she certainly seems attracted to him.  She also seems to know that she and Dexter are kindred spirits.  What is it with addicts always being able to spot each other?  The actors have great chemistry, and I hope their relationship takes some unexpected turns.  Dexter with a fellow serial killer always breeds the most interesting dynamics (Ice-truck killer, Trinity) and there’s definite potential there.

Steven: Or kill with her as part of a date.  I love the way they flirt in this episode, “Like two people on a date.”  In my mind, Hannah is a synthesis of previous character types: the love interest and the partner in crime.  But what about Lily Tournay? you ask. It didn’t exactly work out with her, now did it?  To that all I can say is, Who asked you!  Also, if you can’t believe in love, what can you believe in?  If they get together it will probably be a disaster, but I still hope they do.  To get back to their chemistry for a moment: I love the tension.  He is a serial killer, but he can’t tell her.  She suspects he is, but she can’t come right out and ask.  It’s the ole unrequite-able love story, with six-inch blades and buckets and buckets of the thick red stuff.  So sweet.

However, unlike in Chuck, though I love it, there are some real obstacles between these two kindred spirits getting together.  For one, Dexter hasn’t had a great deal of luck with letting people in on his secret.  If Hannah finds out, there’s one more loose end, one more thing for Deb to get mad at him for, and the possibility that his Dark Passenger goes unchecked.  Spree style.  Secondly, he doesn’t know what her code is exactly.  At least not yet.  She has immunity, so if (pre-kill) she finds out that they disagree on murdering-ethics, she could turn him in and still be safe.  Finally, having an enabler to run around with could spell for a pretty unhealthy relationship and, you know, a high body count.  And we all know that the higher the body count, the closer Dexter gets to getting caught.  And then there would be no more show.

Is Batista Dexter’s newest threat?

Susan:  I sure hope so.  As I mentioned last week, Batista needs something to do.  Now that Deb shut him down in a classic LaGuerta speech, he should be angry and suspicious.  It would make sense for him to go over Deb’s head to LaGuerta (remember when they were married?  That was sweet) and tell her that Deb acted strangely when he asked her about it.  I thought LaGuerta acted very suspicious of Deb in their scenes together this week, and if Batista comes knocking, the Morgans could face plenty of scrutiny.  Keep in mind that Doakes was very suspicious of Dexter and told LaGuerta about it multiple times.  If the show is truly interested in respecting its characters and audience this season, LaGuerta will put the pieces together very soon.

Steven: Yes?  He certainly seems anger, and is leaning forward a lot.  He has a hunch and for the first time nobody else in the show will help him pursue it.  L.T. (aka Deb) is trying to keep Dexter from lethal injection and herself from accomplice to lethal injection.  Quinn is in bed with the Russians.  Literally.  And LaGuerta… oh wait, we haven’t really seen those two in a scene together this season.  Oh wait, and she’s also working on a crazy theory that might just be true.  How about those suspicious cat eyes she gave Deb this episode?  Has LaGuerta on some level always known about Dexter?  I think I have to agree with the missus here and say I see a Batista family reunion at least in the next episode if not earlier. (Part of me thinks they’ll just slide it into the “Previously On” montage because, come on, we all see it coming.)

Stray Thoughts

Ugh.  Joey Quinn is the most hapless character on TV (excluding Declan and Charlotte from Revenge).  We spent whole seasons of the show getting on board with Quinn as a good guy, reformed cop, worthy of Deb’s love and now – boom.  Cash in his car, stripper in his bed, loyalties in the wind.  What does Deb have to do around here to get a decent cop in her unit?

Isaak is one of the best villains the show has ever created.  Putting him in jail for a couple of episodes allows the rest of the subplots to gather steam and start closing in on the Morgans.  I’m sure he’ll be released at the worst possible time and then we’ll get 4 action-packed, tension-filled episodes to close out the season.  I can’t wait to see what happens with him.

Of the show’s many silly shticks (Deb’s foul language, Masuka’s pervy rants, Harry’s asinine dialogue, Dexter’s sarcastic voice-overs) my favorite has always been Dexter’s accents.  We got a great one tonight as he lured Isaak out of his apartment and to the Schooner or Later for a 1pm lunch.  It might not top Prop Joe’s infamous scene from The Wire, but was still a bit of fun in a plot-heavy episode.

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