Dexter recap: Dexter slays the Minotaur

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October 22, 2012 by Susan Miller

Will Hannah McKay turn out to be lovely or lethal for our favorite serial killer? Only time and speculation will tell.

Four in a row!  These Dexter writers are on a roll.  We actually got quite a bit out of the way without resolving anything other than the fate of the Minotaur Speltzer.  RIP, creepy gravedigger.  Your mazes were the scariest thing on this show since Doakes was alive.  In ongoing plot news, Deb finally remembered about Rita, the Russians are still moving slowly, Hannah McKay continues to be mysterious and Deb is getting sort of happy about having a killer for hire on hand when the judicial system fails her.  Oh, and Harrison’s gone.  Hurray!

Is Hannah McKay going to be Dexter’s perfect woman?

Steven: I think so!  She looks an awful lot like Rita, but she seems to have the damage and curiosity of Lumen.  Why didn’t Lumen stay, again?  And why in the world did they have to kill off Rita?  This might just be the show’s chance to right both wrongs.  I am quite excited that Yvonne has joined the show.  The most redeeming part of the NBC series Chuck, she wields power over men in such a way that we believe Zachary Levi could rise to the difficult task of cinematic espionage.  Will she be able to help Dexter rid himself of his dark passenger, though?  Already we’ve seen what happened to her last murdery boyfriend.  Will destiny repeat itself, or will she use past experience to help Dexter stop once and for all?

Susan: I think that would be too obvious.  She seems like the kind of gal who could really help Dexter in this new questioning stage of his existence.  Now that Deb has stopped being blindly faithful, Dexter is a bit adrift, and I think Hannah is coming along at just the right time.  However, Dexter is also more vulnerable than ever before, so it could be that Hannah is actually Dexter’s perfect enemy.  I think I might like that even more.  We’ve seen Dexter in a relationship, in a marriage, as a father, as a brother, as a friend.  We root for Dexter, sure, but we root for Dexter as a serial killer with a code, not a serial killer with human emotions and tendencies and domestic dreams.  He’s a wild animal, and he should stay a wild animal.  So unless she turns out to also be a serial killer with a code who can handle her kills and not get involved in his, then I want her to be a threat to his livelihood.  Domestic Dexter is too unrealistic, even for this show.

As for Rita, I’m pretty sure this is why they had to kill her off.

What season will we revisit next?

Steven: The obvious plot line to revisit would be season 2 with LaGuerta snooping around with the blood slides.  Obviously she would like to exonerate her buddy Doakes who met his fate after discovering the Bay Harbor Butcher’s true identity.  This could happen a number of ways.  However, I would most like the season 4 plot line of Lumen to reopen.  At the end of that season, she left to go start the rest of her life.  I think it would be interesting if she returned to Miami amidst all of the Russian mobbing and family drama and played foil to Dexter’s new — love interest isn’t the right phrase — to his new whatever.  Lumen is another case for why Dexter should exist.  So far, Deb has only seen what happens when Dexter doesn’t act — Rita, that one girl from the bar — but Lumen would be a living example of what happens when Dexter gets there in time.

Susan: It looks like season 2 is up next, since LaGuerta has been sniffing around with the blood slides since the first episode of this season.  And how fortuitous, now that Dexter burned up his box of trophies!  Lucky, lucky.  I’m not sure where LaGuerta can go next, with all the old evidence and nothing new to link it to.  I suppose she could try to pin it to Louis, since Masuka connected him to the ice truck killer hand and he’s now dead and gone.  Maybe that’s how his blood on Dexter’s boat will come back around?  I’d also like Deb to start asking Dexter about the Lumen season, as I think that would make things even murkier for Deb’s new morality meter.  Poor Deb.  Do you realize how many things her poor psyche has been through in the past two seasons?  She was almost killed, got promoted to Lieutenant, found out the Ice Truck Killer was Dexter’s brother, realized she was in romantic love with Dexter, walked in on Dexter killing someone, discovered he’s been killing people for years, almost got killed by another serial killer, tried to catch him the right way, got it thrown out on a technicality, got a girl killed because she prohibited Dexter from doing his thing, then felt glad once Dexter finally went through with it.  Deb will take pretty much any help that comes her way at this point.  Hear that, Batista?  It’s time to make your move.

Pretentious Inner Grad-student Interlude:

Last week’s PIGI, though not so named, compared Dexter to David.  This week, I will be focusing on Theseus, who slayed the mighty half-man, half-bull Minotaur.  Argumentation:  Well, this week he slayed a mighty Minotaur.  Discussion:  The early days of Theseus were spent seeking justice.  First, he came across Sinis, a robber who would capture passersby, and string and quarter them using two bent trees, releasing the trunks and tearing them apart.  Theseus used this very method to kill Sinis.  Then he did basically the same thing with a bunch of other evil guys, until finally the story of the Minotaur.

The setting: Crete.  The tyrannical king: Minos.  Each year Minos required a sacrifice of seven young men and seven young women from Athens to be devoured by the Minotaur.  Located at the center of a labyrinth, Theseus had to navigate in and out in order to kill the Minotaur.  Using a ball of twine given to him by Minos’ daughter Ariadne, Theseus decapitates the beast, and leads the other Athenians out of the maze.  The maze for Theseus is about cunning and decision making.  Here, the hero must make the right turns to get to the center and back out again.

Clearly the bald bull guy is the Minotaur.  Dexter is Theseus.  And either Hannah or Deb is Ariadne.  My question is this: will either Deb or Hannah be able to help Dexter make it out of the maze his dark passenger has constructed for him?

Stray Thoughts

So Isaak (scary Russian) loved Viktor (other Russian who shot Mike).  When I first watched that scene I assumed that Viktor was his son.  The internet seems to think that Viktor was his lover.  What does everyone else think?

Quinn and Batista have absolutely NOTHING TO DO this season.  It’s so sad that they’re not even trying to give them interesting plots anymore.  Also, who is the new female cop that suddenly appeared this week with no introduction?

The show got rid of Harrison and Jamie in one fell swoop this week just by virtue of mentioning Astor and Cody.  I’d bet good money that that’s the last we see of either of them this season.  Is anyone sad to see them go?

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