Revenge recap: Why Does This Keep Happening to Me?

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October 16, 2012 by Susan Miller

One of these things is not like the other…

So, I know that soap operas are supposed to get more layered as time goes on, but I am officially L-O-S-T.  What the heck happened this week?  Did Jack break up with Faux-Manda at the end of the episode?  Just because she lied about seeing the Graysons?  That seems a little harsh to your baby mama, Jack.  And whose side is Faux-Manda on these days?  Who is calling Conrad making threats?  Did Aiden (new training buddy/love interest got a name!) recognize Emily’s Mom at the hotel?  Why are Aiden and Emily being so weird and secretive around each other?  (Is it because Emily forgot his name, too?  It’s understandable.  I had to look it up.)  And how did Declan go from holding on to jewels for a couple of hours to breaking and entering with the dumbest possible calling card?  Just kill him off already, Mike.  He’s dead weight and we all know it.

Did Aiden find his sister?

Steven: I have a feeling that he did not actually fail his mission but that his mission failed him.  Look at how adamant he is to hide clues from Emily and find her mother first.  This makes me feel like he found his sister and she was super evil — like fire coming out of the eyes, Victoria Grayson evil — and so he had to throw her into the mouth of an active volcano.  He doesn’t want Emily to have to do that.

Susan: Um… yes?  I kind of forgot that was still a mystery.  Didn’t Emily say something about him failing?  The Emily and Aiden backstory is so confusing.  So they were in love, and then he left to find his sister, and she decided to hate him for life?  Like, to the point that she’s so livid with him for saving her life that she throws him in a dumpster?  That’s a pretty strong reaction if all he ever did to her was leave a little early to rescue his sister.  There’s probably more to it, but by the time we get to it, I’m sure I’ll forget why I wanted to know.

Do YOU know what’s going on?

Steven: I know enough to follow the plot.  For instance, when Victoria received the death threat note, I wasn’t sure if that had come from Emily or not, but I could tell that she was super stressed out when Victoria started calling people up behind the podium with her like she was running for the US Senate and needed to flash her entire, odd family before the world.  “I ain’t ashamed.”  The writers are certainly keeping bits and pieces of information from us.  As they should.  I think we have to approach Revenge in the way same way that we would approach a murder mystery.  In the end, if they do their job, we’ll understand how everything fits together.  I have faith.  I’m also still on the fence about whether or not Victoria is actually evil.  I mean, I know that she’s the epitome of evil.  But is she?  Is this a Darth Vader scenario, where she was good and then the dark side turned her, and in the end she’ll save Emily from the Dark Emperor, burning off her thick exoskeletal face (that’s how they do plastic surgery, right? by overlaying?)? That was a lot of question marks.  Maybe I don’t know what’s going on after all.  Either way, I’m enjoying it.

Susan: I have no idea what’s going on.  Is Emily’s mission this season to bring down the Graysons?  Or is it to find her mother?  Can her mother bring down the Graysons?  Is Emily’s Mom genuinely crazy?  What is Victoria’s master plan?  Who does Faux-Manda belong to again?  It’s too much.  Victoria’s plans changed at least four times during the episode.  Do she and Conrad have different plans?  Do they know about the different plans?  What do Daniel and Charlotte and Emily know?  Enough.  So many questions.  Remember when Emily just revenged a different person every week and then crossed their face out with a red marker?  Ah, simpler times.

The Likeability Factor

What makes a character likeable?  Was Declan ever likeable or ever in danger of becoming more likeable?  I bring this up mainly because I have fallen out of like with Jack.  Slowly but surely he has made increasingly worse decisions.  While in love with Emily, he chose his long lost friend, crazy, needed, awful Faux-Manda.  Now that Faux-Manda is carrying his not-so-faux baby, he has decided to walk out on her.  And why?  Because she lied about going to see her faux-half-sister.  Wait, what actually happened?  Yes, the baby is his.  No, Charlotte is not her sister.  Yes, she wants Charlotte to be?  Do you ever get the impression that Faux-Manda is just waiting for someone to come give her her next line?  I am also liking her less.  Who am I liking more?  Emily Thorne.  Duh.  Oh, and Nolan.  Go for the accountant, Nolan!  She’d be so good for you.  She’d buy you pants, and keep the receipt.

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