Homeland recap: May 1

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October 10, 2012 by Susan Miller

Abu Nazir is living proof: texting saves lives.

Oh you blessed Homeland writers.  You’re ahead of us again.  You’ve uncovered the video tape in the second episode of the season and had Saul, of all people, watch it.  How on Earth are you supposed to get out of this?  What is Brody supposed to do now?  It seems like the steps from here to Brody in jail should happen in exactly 30 seconds.  Saul tells Estes.  Estes tells VP Walden.  VP Walden arrests Brody.  VP Walden’s wife scrambles to find a new speaker for the fundraiser.  Brody’s family are no longer necessary members of the show. Virgil never shows up.  Carrie goes back to teaching.  The show dies of boredom.

Steven’s theory, should you choose to accept it, is that VP Walden and the CIA will now use their knowledge about Brody against him.  That sounds a little they don’t know that we know they know we know but I suppose that’s what a spy show is all about.  My theory is that they can’t tell anyone or do anything because they can’t let anyone know that the video tape is missing.  Mostly I’m just confused and stressed and cursing myself for watching this show a week at a time instead of all at once in December.  Ack!

Brody… you got some splaining to do…

How did the video end up in Beirut?

Steven: If I could answer this question, I think that Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa would have to put me on as a writer for the show. That is to say, the answer to this question is so beyond my scope of understanding, that I’m not even going to wager a crazy guess. Okay, fine, you talked me into it. Here’s what happened: Brody’s wife Jessica (played by Morena Baccarin aka “Crazy Eyes”) found the video clip in Brody’s camera bag, watched it, and became furiously jealous that he would blow himself up for a religion but not for her. A quick internet search revealed a website of rich Arabs and Persians eager to purchase America-damning footage. Before adding the film to his Anti-American, terrorist collection, the buyer wanted to verify it through Abu Nazir first. Big mistake. Also Jessica has been putting Brody’s Koran on the floor every night after he goes to sleep then picking it back up before his morning prayers.

Susan: I hope she has been putting it on the floor every night!  That would be so passive aggressively awesome.  As for the video?  Man, I don’t know.  I have a very vague idea of what is actually happening in Beirut.  Did the wife’s husband get shot in the shoot-out?  If not, won’t he notice that his bag is missing?  Also, is that why Abu Nazir was meeting with him?  Did Abu Nazir give it to him as an insurance policy against Brody?  Did Tom Walker give it to him?  Did the mole give it to him?  Did the reporter who magically knows everything all the time give it to him?  Is it even the full video?  Does anyone else find Abu Nazir sort of disturbingly attractive?  It’s been bothering me.

But back to the video – I think it has to be Abu Nazir’s insurance policy.  I’m sure he asked Brody to make it, because Brody had to drop it off in an agreed upon location.  That way Abu Nazir could use it as blackmail if Brody didn’t go through with it or advertising if Brody did.  Remember when Brody went back to get it, it was gone.  I thought at the time that Tom Walker took it, but maybe it was someone else.  Another diplomat?  What really confuses me is why Abu Nazir is meeting with this guy in Beirut in the first place.  It’s not like the guy took the video with him.  Are they allies?  Are they enemies?  Who is bombing who anyway?  It’s all very confusing.  I’m more interested in finding out if anyone will notice that it’s missing.

Has Brody realized what a big ole mistake he’s made yet?

Steven: Part of me thinks, “Yes.” Now that he’s a Congressman, I can see the wheels turning in Brody’s mind. Why did he need to turn at all? Can’t he work towards a peaceful solution with his fellow Muslims now that he’s in a position of power? This is why my second theory about the video is that Abu Nazir and his buddies are keeping it as insurance. If Brody turns on them, they can always release this and cost Brody his credibility and Vice Presidency. It’s a perfect way to keep him in line when he eventually starts straying from the plot. I also saw some self-judgment in Brody when he came to the bar to talk with the other marines. He roundly condemns Tom Walker as a traitor, and I can’t help but think he’s talking a bit to himself in this scene. He seems so agitated over saving Abu Nazir, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s trying to map out his exit strategy, maybe not from Islam but at least from espionage. However, there’s the problem that next week he’s going to be covered in somebody else’s blood. Maybe he will recommit to his crazy.

Susan: He does seem more agitated this season and I’m not sure why.  Obviously, the family ties are what appeal to Brody the most.  Isa is the reason that Brody committed to this crazy plan in the first place.  His daughter is the reason that he didn’t pull the trigger.  Mommy and Daddy are at war with each other and the stress of having to choose is making him crack.  It makes sense to me that he’d choose the living family member over the dead one.  You can’t really say that he knows Dana better than Isa, since they’ve probably spent the same amount of time together.  I do think it’s interesting though that he says in this season that he isn’t a terrorist.  Um… what else do you call strapping on a vest to become a suicide bomber?  His moral compass is spinning wildly now that he’s miles away from Abu Nazir and the only way it could possibly end is with him covered in someone else’s blood.  Obviously.

I forgot to answer the question.  Is the mistake that he left the Marines for a life in office?  If so, then absolutely yes.  Life as a Congressmen is clearly capital B Boring to Brody and he has no patience for the fundraisers for veterans hosted by people who manufacture bombs.  But what choice did he have, really?  He couldn’t just re-enlist and go kill more of Abu Nazir’s children.  Maybe that’s why every war hero turns to public office…

Stray Thoughts

Where are you Virgil?  No way Carrie almost gets shot in the head if you’re around like you’re supposed to be.  Your comic relief and super surveillance skills are needed.

We weirdly didn’t talk about Carrie much in this week’s post.  She didn’t have much to do in this episode except be right about everything all the time and then get yelled at for it.  However, if you were the escaping wife, how pissed would you be that Carrie almost got you killed in the getaway car?

Surely now that the videotape is discovered, Brody is out of the running as a VP candidate.  So why then do we spend all that time getting to know VP Walden’s wife and son and see their house and library?  More importantly, why does VP Walden’s wife act like she’s one of those androids from Alien/Prometheus?  She’s super creepy.

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