Dexter recap: Everyone’s in trouble – Finally.

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October 3, 2012 by Susan Miller

This is why you don’t give your sister keys to your side of the apartment, Dexter. Rookie mistake.

Now THAT was a great episode of Dexter.  Do you remember how exciting and excruciating the first two seasons of Dexter were?  That edge of your seat tension, the slimy, icky feeling of listening to a serial killer wax poetic about eating while driving?  Dexter used to be really, really good.  Like, stay up all night marathon style good.  And then came seasons 3, 4, 5 and the dreadful 6.  In the final 5 seconds of season 6, Deb walked in on Dexter in the church, finally witnessing him mid-ritual kill.  Though most fans were rightfully annoyed by last season, I’m willing to bet that those final 5 seconds brought a lot of fans back tonight to see how the writers handled Deb’s realization.

Thankfully, they were up to the task.  I love that they’ve abandoned the glacial pace of the past four seasons and finally allowed Deb to use her Lieutenant skills to uncover the full truth about Dexter by the end of the episode.  This season should be full of some very open and honest conversations between the Morgans.  However, Dexter’s most annoying habit of obstructing Miami Metro Homicide’s cases to exact his own revenge is getting super old.  Can’t he just be distracted by his secret getting out and have that lead to him not being as good at crime scene investigation for a change?  It’s become a really lazy way to extend the season long crime plots.

Now that we’re back on board, let’s get this conversation started.


1. Are there too many story lines right now? Which one do you think will cause the most damage for Dexter?

Steven: I think that there are a lot of story lines, and Dexter keeps adding to them with these new targets, but I have complete faith that everything will come together in the end. Will Deb survive it (physically, mentally, emotionally), I’m not sure, but I think the end will bring a final and firm climax to the story of Dexter Morgan.

Susan: I like that Dexter’s problems are multiplying so rapidly in this episode.  The first two seasons were so good because of the multiple threats to Dexter and his livelihood.  I understand that they couldn’t keep that level of tension running through 6 seasons but I think they can for these final 2 seasons of the series.  Having Deb snoop at home, La Guerta snoop at work, Louis snoop online and the Russian mob snoop overseas seems like just the right number of threats to keep the tension building.  Even lowly Louis is more effective than the dreadfully lame Doomsday killer of last season.

2. Is Deb going to start helping Dexter kill and dispose of other deserving scumbags?

Steven: What I have envisioned in my mind is something along the lines of the original version of Hannibal by Thomas Harris where Clarice Starling, burned by the very FBI whom she’d given everything, runs off with Lecter. I could see a very strange/nauseated/terrifying romance blooming as the episode unfolded. Already we know that Deb is going to try to help Dexter instead of stopping him (Travis Marshall, anyone?), so I think the next logical step would be for her to help him satisfy his need while keeping him out of prison. It will be nice to see how someone sane will react to what Dexter is doing. Well, sane-ish.

Susan: No, no, no, no.  Seriously, I have proof.  This isn’t your typical season-long storyline.  This is the end game, and it starts now.  I don’t think Deb will arrest Dexter, and she will probably make excuses for him occasionally, but she’s not going to assist him the way Lumen or Miguel Prado has in previous seasons.  Also, I’m pretty sure that we’ve abandoned the incest storyline for now.  Deb has always been painted as a black and white kind of girl who makes terrible decisions when it comes to love.  Therefore, in order to get her to be even plausibly on board with Dexter the serial killer they had to introduce Dexter as a love interest for her to get her to explore ethical gray areas.  Pretty extreme and inelegant, but hey, it is Showtime.

Stray thoughts:

Note to kids everywhere – never talk on your phone while driving, and never be a good Samaritan in Miami.

What’s the deal with Mike?  He exists in season 6 to basically be – what – smart?  And then they keep him around just to get killed in the first episode of season 7?  This show is unkind to awesome, bald, black actors.

Louis survives season 6 to be even more annoying in season 7, canceling Dexter’s credit cards and lurking around his side of the apartment uninvited.  What is his deal anyway?  Still annoyed that Dexter didn’t like his video game?  I have a feeling that character’s reveal will disappoint.

Guest actor alert – Young Deb is played by the same actress who plays Sydney on Parenthood.  Pretty sure Joel and Julia would not approve of Harry’s parenting decisions.

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