Basically, we love TV

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September 22, 2012 by Susan Miller

When Steven and I met in 2007, he was a hip cool guy who caught the occasional episode of the Chappelle show and preferred Woody Allen movies.  I was obsessed with TV on DVD marathons, craft nights and 32 oz slushies.  We found some healthy common ground and now, five years later, we continually clog our DVR with all kinds of televised goodness, reality and scripted, comedy and drama, cable and network.  Simply put, our TV is our pet, a sacred member of our family, and the thing most likely to be rescued from our apartment in case of a fire.  We watch it, we talk about it, we dream about it.  We get (over) emotionally involved and feel genuine grief for Jesse on Breaking Bad and Randy on The Wire.  We constantly cry during Parks and Rec, Cougar Town and The Office (though certainly not last season).  We exhaust our friends/family/co-workers who don’t have the stamina to keep up with our constant consumption.  We’re basically experts without an audience, and therefore, we have turned to our other favorite friend, internet.  Internet is never too tired for our ramblings and always has enough space for us to digress into whatever tangent our over-stimulated brain is connecting with.  Internet is kind, internet is smart, internet is important.

For the fall, we’ll be doing weekly recaps of Dexter, Homeland and Revenge.  Dexter recaps will go up on Tuesday, Homeland on Wednesday and Revenge on Thursday.  We hope to have a week-in-review/best of the best/wrap up with video clips post on Monday, but that could be overly ambitious.

We’ll be here every week, predicting and worrying and celebrating and nitpicking.  We hope you will be too.


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